President Obama shuffled up to the podium and poured out a bowl of tasteless and odorless political drivel.  His one "big" idea was some vague retirement plan, which ought to be a real confidence builder.  Why didn't he say in selling that idea, "If you like your nest egg, you can keep your nest egg!"  
One of my favorite movies is "This is Spinal Tap" the first in series of gut-busting funny "mock-u-mentaries" by Christopher Guest and Michael McKean.  As I watched President Obama give the "Stale of the Union" speech, I thought, "This is Spinal Tap, the Presidency."  The sad story of a once famous and charismatic politician who once filled arenas and now does the warm up for puppet shows at a kiddie amusement park.  Reduced to nostalgia and the indifference of once adoring fans, he can only create applause by pointing to real heroes sitting in the crowd.   In the movie, Spinal Tap's big comeback album was "Smell the Glove."  Maybe the President's speech could have been labeled, "This Glove Smells."

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  • Rev. Nick Palun

    09/07/2014 10:07 PM

    More Democrat hate KKK style: NY Gov. Cuomo (polly parroted by Sen. Schumer same week) told all New Yorkers of conservative religious and political bent to a"GET OUT OF NY STATE". If they oppose abortion, gay marriage, open borders, immigration amnesty, drug sentences they must find another state.Technically Cuomo & Schumer were riding Cardinal Dolan out on a rail, like the KKK 'chasin negroes' (ethnic cleansing of Republicans/Christians.)

  • Seth Mitcham

    02/15/2014 08:26 PM

    It's interesting that you would describe The President of The United States of America's approach to the podium as "shuffled". Strange choice of words. I digress. I just heard you on Fox News speaking to a judge relative to the engagement of a U.S. Citizen solely being determined by The President of The United States of America. I served in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer. I swore to protect and defend the United States of America against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. The President took a similar oath. What do you think that this oath means? Was Robert E. Lee an American citizen? Yes. He was an enemy combatant and thus open game to be targeted. Any American citizen that makes a conscious decision to side with my enemy has in fact become my enemy. It was not the President's decision to label him an enemy of the State but the combatant himself that made the declaration. This isn't a new phenomenal. President Diem Diem was not an American citizen however he was an ally of the US. That didn't stop him from being targeted for assassination by the Johnson administration. I leave you with "The Man In The Arena" by President Theodore Roosevelt. You will never be president and your opinion is worthless.

  • Robert L. Chancia

    02/06/2014 02:48 PM

    Where is the Christian love in your message?

  • Hubert Grubb

    02/02/2014 08:44 PM

    If President Obama would just tell the true, he would only have to say it one time.

  • Justin Bickerstaff

    01/30/2014 07:43 AM

    The governments ignorance of our existence and theirs is deplorable. Outright disgraceful they forget we have the same things in the long run. Forgetting they have a nose in front of their face or that working for the government is like marriage. You do not have your place for 30 years and say or feel you can coast on your past achievements. Sitting selfishly with your partner, as they continue to earn their place. You spend every humbling moment, simple or hard. Getting and giving your better their present. Earning their respect, loyalty and love. From their past, present and future. By working your way from your worst to your best each day. To deserve being equals and entrusted with the support you give them. When you become a major seat of the government. You marry america. Marriage that deserves respect from start to finish. Or as my holy is my witness. America will divorce you. One way or another. And your past relatives will not like the way you desecrated the gift they gave you in their work that is now your "present". So deserve your equality now. Cause the past can forget your present AND future.

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