This week, the White House once again welcomed a group of Hollywood celebrities. But this time, it wasn’t for a party or gala. President Obama hopes to get showbiz stars to convince young Americans to buy health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges. It’s a tough sell: most young people don’t feel that they need health insurance. But Obama needs at least 2.7 million young people to buy policies they don’t need so that their premiums can fund the coverage for older, sicker people. In other words, he’s asking celebrities to convince their young fans to voluntarily engage in a massive transfer of wealth from their generation to baby boomers. When your livelihood depends on not ticking off large numbers of people, that could be a problem. It’s worth noting that Oprah was invited to the Obamacare sales pitch meeting, but she sent a rep. You know you’ve got an unpopular plan when you invite your biggest supporter to the White House to hear about it, and she’s suddenly got more important things to do.

Speaking of Obamacare, the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that the closer the program’s start date gets, the less popular it becomes, and it wasn’t exactly the queen of the prom to begin with. Republicans and Independents hate it more than ever. But support among self-described moderate and conservative Democrats has also plummeted to 46 percent. In fact, the only demographic group that still strongly approves of Obamacare is liberal Democrats. I can’t help thinking that even that will probably drop if liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi ever get around to reading it.

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  • carol gohn

    08/03/2013 08:50 PM

    Unfortunately men, women and children of all ages are going to die when Obamacare takes over. Most won't be able to afford to go to the doctor or will not go because they just don't have the money after paying high monthly insurance coverage and the high deductable won't be met. Why is it politicians and fed government employees are not in Obamacare? Not fair....Small business is being punished and big business loves anyone in D.C. listening to the people????

  • JaneEllen Varner

    07/26/2013 07:41 AM

    Takeover of the heathcare is the first hallmark of a socialist agenda. Bankrupt the taxpayers with tax supported programs that can't be sustained with laws that violate the Constitution and you're on the way to communist dictator ship. READthe bill folks. Don't keep backing something with your eyes closed and your ears plugged.

  • William Johnson

    07/26/2013 12:50 AM

    Obamacare is meaningless because its not about health care its a scam.It should have been jobs first so people can pay for it.Do people know where Obamacare is going to impact the hardest 1.Private practices 2.Big and small Businesses 3.Senior Citizens on fixed incomes.4.Low income people trying to get buy.Plus Obamacare can bankrupt the states a lot of Governors are againist Obamacare.

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