Syria Update

Aug 26 2013

Today, a primer on why we’re getting dragged into yet another Middle Eastern conflict…A bloody civil war has been raging in Syria. As bad as Syria’s leader, Bashar al Assad, is, some of the rebels trying to depose him are linked to al-Qaeda. So far, all President Obama has done is warn Assad that using chemical weapons on his own people would be crossing a red line. Well, hundreds of people in Damascus reportedly died after exhibiting the kind of horrifying symptoms caused by nerve gas. Doctors Without Borders reports that 3600 survivors were treated for the same symptoms. If Assad defied the West and gassed his own people, then we have to take action or be seen as a paper tiger. So Obama has ordered our warships to move closer, in case we have to launch a strike. Meanwhile, Syria claims the rebels launched the attack. We may never know for sure unless the UN is allowed in to investigate. In the meantime, Assad warned that a US strike on Syria would set the Middle East ablaze. I have to ask: has he not SEEN the Middle East lately?

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  • Gisela Seagraves

    08/30/2013 09:22 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    Could the Biological Weapons in Syria be B.W.s from Iraq that Saddam Hussein had transported into Syria? I wonder if there is any way to substantiate this. It would be a great twist in the accusations against President Bush.

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