Newt's Warning

Aug 18 2013

Today, a stern warning for Republicans, from an expert source…The Republican National Committee is meeting in Boston this week to map out the future of the party. And Newt Gingrich had some strong words for them, if they want the GOP to have a future. He said the Republicans need to get beyond attacking Obama and offer positive alternative solutions to problems. Gingrich knows about winning elections during a Democratic administration, and he warned that just being anti-Obama is not enough. And negative attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2016 won’t beat her, because the media are going to prop her up, no matter what. One good example is Obamacare. Republicans can’t just say they’re going to scrap it. A lot of people would still be without health care, so Republicans to offer a better alternative. They also need to do a better job of communicating their ideas to the public, because the media is not going to help them. Negativity fires up the base, but to get enough turnout to win an election, voters need something that they’re excited to vote FOR.

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  • Mrs. Priscilla Bence

    08/25/2013 10:21 PM

    I deeply admire Newt and also Charles Krauthammer. I cannot find where to comment on the TV show last night Aug 24. I was very disappointed in my favorite TV program-- Mike Huckabee.The priorities of course are true and have been for thirty years but we are not keeping them when we cut back on health departments that got rid of polio. I have a masters in public health. There is a strong minority of us who are not liberal. Undoing the competitive nature of medicine will make us second class in medical care. Dont make a special high risk class. I CHOSE to marry a very handicapped man in 1971 and therefore I had to make tough decisions to be a breadwinner and to find insurance with a good company. I ended up going in the military ie let people figure this out, dont be creating special groups. Can you imagine the bureaucracy and rule books for defining high risk? Let hospitals and other employers compete for employers like me who need benefits. It works, dont fix it. Yes increase health dept's budgets and mandate more preventive medicine, not the crazy things they are doing now that are mountains of paperwork for little benefit to the patient. It used to be differnt in the 60's and 70's. By the way we dont need universal coverage becuase everyone by law has been covered for decades, have to be seen in ER's as it is required. Also how can you say that certain people are getting rich from the swollen healthcare pie... all of us are. As a nurse my pay as gone up 50% in ten years yet my responsibility as gone down. My son sells medical equipment and has fifteen more years of student loans for his MBA and has not had raises like this. Doctors still live better than any or us in the healthcare industry. Your generalizations were not accurate. Next time have a conservative public health person like Koop was, someone in CDC or other research, give more accurate answers to the questions you posed. yes getting rid of obesity as you have will save our country billions but unless people are paying their own way and not lumped in a special group that needs help, they have no reason to change. I believe you can change and not use your southern past becuase I have seen my husband lose 50 lbs and he grew up that way with all fried and he really did live in poverty, not like your middle class childhood I read about, which I enjoyed immensely by the way.

  • sharon frank

    08/24/2013 06:53 PM

    personally I don't have a lot of faith in our politicians ability. Especially the career politicians to be looking out for what is best for the populace with so many other incentives (lobbists) given to them. Unfortunately they (the Politicians) will be looking out for themselves or for whomever pays the most perks!

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