Don't Tread On Me

Sep 03 2013

Maybe we need to put “Don’t Tread On Me” on America’s flag again… …A high school art teacher in Paducah, Kentucky, is in trouble for putting an American flag on the classroom floor and making students stand on it. There was a music stand with paper on it in the middle of the flag, and students were assigned to think about the flag they were standing on and write their feelings about it on the paper. A lot of parents were furious, especially those with children in the military. They demanded the teacher be fired. She apologized, and said she felt sick that it was taken as disrespecting veterans. She said it was meant to recreate a 1989 “artwork” called “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag.” I don’t know that alleged artwork, but I have a feeling it probably ticked a lot of people off back then, too. By the way, school officials say since the flag touched the ground, it will be burned, which is the proper, respectful way to dispose of a flag. So I guess the kids actually did learn something worthwhile after all.

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  • William Lyons

    09/08/2013 11:30 PM

    There may not have been any intentional disrespect here. I've made many stops at businesses, schools, etc. to educate them about their improper display of the Flag and have found that many, young and old, simply know little about the proper care of it. This is further demonstrated by the schools reaction to burn the Flag because it touched the ground. While burning the Flag is correct disposal procedure it is not required by the U.S. Flag Code for touching the ground. The Flag may be washed if still serviceable and that may have been an even better educational opportunity for the students and teacher alike if one of the Veteran parents had good knowledge of the Flag and it's correct care.

    CSM(Retired) William Lyons

  • rob durney

    09/04/2013 09:57 AM

    I too believe the teacher should be fired. As a retired Navy Chief and former History/Civics teacher for many years, I find the teacher's assertion that she didn't think it would be disrespecting the flag to do that clearly indicates one of two things: either she is completely detached from reality or else there is a tremendous gap in her education. In either case, she is not the person I want teaching my children. If the school decides to keep her on, perhaps it should be with the caveat that she spends 50 or 60 hours waiting on veterans at the local VA hospital or VFA hall and learn a little from those who sacrificed for what she thought was ok to tread on.

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