If the protesters of the George Zimmerman verdict get what they’re demanding, they might not like the results…Over the weekend, protesters across America joined Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other black leaders in threatening a boycott of Florida if it doesn’t overturn its “stand your ground” law, which the Zimmerman trial had nothing to do with. But let’s say we do what they demand: make it harder to claim self-defense, easier for prosecutors to win convictions, and overturn “stand your ground” protections. What would happen? Well, black Americans make up about 13 percent of the population but about half of all murder victims. Since Florida passed the Stand Your Ground defense, about a third of defendants who’ve cited it have been black. And 55 percent were found not guilty. That’s slightly higher than the success rate for white defendants. So if the protesters get what they’re demanding, the result would be more black people going to prison for defending themselves against violent attacks. And how long would it be before the same people were protesting THAT?

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