As attorney Joshua Hawley pointed out earlier, the Hobby Lobby case is far more than a case about that one retailer or about contraception. It ultimately will reveal whether religious liberty still exists in America. When the government tells you it’s okay to believe as long as you don’t believe more than the government wants you to believe, then we have devolved back to a state of tyranny that our Founders gave their all to overthrow. The first amendment explicitly states that “Congress shall no law that prefers or prohibits the free exercise of religion.” If Obamacare forces Hobby Lobby and its employees to provide abortive drugs even though the privately owned, family run business opposes it on moral grounds, then the government has decided that your faith can only believe so much and that when there is a conflict, the individual loses to the government. That is a loss of liberty. This is fundamentally outrageous to anyone, liberal or conservative who believes the Constitution was created to keep us free, not to keep us from being free. The Bill of Rights was not written to rein in our freedom and restrict us, but to rein in government and restrict it. An event page on Facebook has been created by the Family Research Council to give folks like you and me an opportunity to show our support for Hobby Lobby on March 29 and to express appreciation for their courage in risking the existence of their business to stand for what should be clear cut constitutional rights. I have a link to the FB event page on my website at and at my FB page. If religious liberty and freedom of conscience doesn’t exist for Hobby Lobby, then how long will it be before it’s taken from you? Enough of having government think it’s God and trying to act like it. We not only owe it to our children and grandchildren, but we owe it to the Founders who bled to guarantee our freedom.

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