The whole world was shocked at the senseless murder of Christopher Lane, a young Australian here in the US to attend school and play college baseball. He was just walking home in Duncan, Oklahoma, when he was shot in the back. Police arrested three teenage boys, one of whom allegedly said they were bored and wanted to kill someone at random for fun.

That story had barely hit the news before different people who trying to use it to promote a personal agenda. Some called it the flipside of Trayvon Martin, a white teen killed by a black teen as he was walking home, and demanded to know when Al Sharpton would condemn it or the Justice Department investigate it as a hate crime. But in fact, race doesn’t seem to be an issue. The alleged killers are white, black and Hispanic, a Rainbow Coalition of thuggery. Meanwhile, some Australians are blaming the gun, and calling for a US tourism boycott until we ban guns. But we’ve recently seen that aimless, amoral youth will attack innocents with their fists if a gun isn’t handy.

It’s obscene to use this story to promote a political or social agenda. There are only two things about it we should be talking about. The senseless death of an innocent young man. And our nihilistic modern culture with its glorification of violence and rejection of traditional moral training, a culture that creates teenagers who think murder is a recreational pastime. But that subject is too uncomfortable for some in the media. And so, once again, we throw down the race card and blame the hardware.

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  • sylvester ignowski

    08/29/2013 12:04 PM

    I see where our two most infamous REVS. ( ?? ) did not consider this a racial motivated crime, and maybe it wasn't . BUT , it is sure funny how picking and choosing occurs when an advantage for a soap box subject is needed ! AND, WHY DO WE NEED ANY MORE LAWS? let's start enforcing the ones on the books right now !oh, and how about making the time equal the crime?? let's drop all the time off for good behavior junk ( they ought be behaving good anyway with all the perks they get in prison)25 years should be 25 years and life be life WITHOUT parole and if death is be it !MAYBE , if the consequences for crimes were more stringent, the persons doing the crimes would think about it more before acting?? AND how about steam lining the court system a little ? WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SWIFT JUSTICE? will AMERICA ever put the rights of the victims in front of the rights of the criminals again ??

  • Rev. Dr. Mike Meagher

    08/28/2013 07:14 AM

    Hi Mike,
    I am an ordained SBC pastor. My wife Diane and I are independent pioneer missionaries to the isolated Sakha tribe in north-central Siberia, Russia's infamous "Black Hole" region since 1996. In our region teens don't have guns available and it is amazing how many ways and means they find to murder. Those children who kill are the ones who watch American violence films and play American computer games filled with bloody violence. This breaks our hearts

  • Andrea Breeding

    08/28/2013 02:47 AM

    What is happening to our youth? Why don't parents teach them. They taken prayer out of school, you can't spank your kids. Are parents afraid to correct their children. My dad didn't go to church but he taught us to respect our elders, not to steal and to tell the truth. If we didn't then we got corrected.

  • Kathy Stevens

    08/27/2013 05:21 PM

    Once come riding into town with your good ole COMMON SENSE!!!! I really really like you Mike Huckabee!!! You make me proud!

  • rhetorical1

    08/27/2013 03:14 PM

    You have hit the nail on the head, Governor. There are few that are telling the TRUTH. It seems to me, that everyone is skirting the real issues to these senseless murders. The lack of RELIGIOUS FAITH and the abandonment of the FAMILY; where one learned morality, values AND respect.

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