On “Hogan’s Heroes,” Sgt. Schultz was famous for saying, “I know NOTH-ing!” I’m starting to think that should replace “In God We Trust” as the motto of our federal government. Our current leaders seem to have the same excuse for every scandal: cluelessness. Last week, FBI Director Robert Mueller was grilled by Congress about some of the recent scandals. Like Attorney General Eric Holder before him, or President Obama, who only knows what he reads in the papers, Mueller claimed to know nothing. For instance, who’s in charge of the investigation into the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups? He had no idea. Obama vowed to get to the bottom of it, but the victims claim nobody’s even contacted them to get their side of the story. So either Mr. Muelller has no idea who’s in charge of his own agency’s most important current investigation, or maybe there is no investigation and they’re hoping this will all blow over once vacation season arrives.

Mueller also claimed that the NSA program that’s gathering data on millions of Americans is vital to preventing terrorist attacks, and it could have even prevented 9/11. How? Well, he’s vague on that. Especially since it didn’t prevent the Fort Hood shooting or the Boston Marathon bombing, even with the culprits in both cases spending more time on cell phones and the Internet than the Justin Bieber fan club. We’re simply expected to trust people who’ve repeatedly proven themselves untrustworthy…to believe our personal information won’t be leaked, even though we only know about this story thanks to it being leaked…and to be willing to give up our freedom in exchange for protecting our freedom. If our leaders think the American people will agree to all that, then they must think we’re as all as clueless as they profess to be.

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  • Albert L. May

    06/18/2013 05:38 PM

    It's hard to believe that a Loving God would let such morally bankrupt men grab the reins of government. Let's send them all the American Patriot's Bible version of the NKJV Bible and hope that unlike Pharoah , God will not harden their hearts.

  • Jeanette Wheable

    06/18/2013 10:15 AM

    This "I know nothing" is because these people are not really incharge... They too are just puppets having their string pulled by secret combinations and power hungry evil loving people who think that this is so fun to play w/ the makings of a powerful and amazing country that has been set up by a LOVING God. The promise of prosperity is being challenged by these people who think THEY will get a piece of the big pie once they bring America to its' knees... NOT going to happen, this is the 3rd act and the FAT lady IS singing!!

  • Alene Briggs

    06/18/2013 09:47 AM

    Huck, your articles make me laugh - make me think - make me angry - make me sick about our country - makes me want to yell and scream to the world, we need help - we need a government with some sense. All we have in the white house is a greedy, selfish bunch of folks with no desire other than to slander the flag and take expensive vacations at our expense. This current deal of her(mama 0bummer) going to Ireland in her own jet and frolicking around their country feeling important. And also gearing up for this lavish vacation to Africa that will cost us up to $100 million. Where is the sanilty? I want them of the white house ASAP. That is my prayer - However our God can do it, that is what I'm praying for. Keep telling us like it is, Huck and thanks.

  • Penny Stute

    06/18/2013 03:15 AM

    Mike, The problem as I see it is that everybody already knows too much but they are so threatened by this administration that they will do nothing That should be our motto, "We do nothing" and perhaps you could add a codicil, "but get rich and powerful off the stupid people". You and I both know that there is a muslim stranglehold in this administration which is threatening our nation, and our legislative body is paralyzed with fear so we are embroiled in more political debacles in the history of our nation while we are slowly being sold out to islam. We will never recover! What has happened to serving with honor and integrity? I personally do not care what obama is blackmailing our legislators with as long as they will do what needs to be done and return our nation to the people and to God~ We do nothing!
    Can you hinestly tell me there is any hope and that yu can effect change at this point?

  • Valerie Willman

    06/18/2013 01:48 AM

    As usual, your perspective shines light where there is darkness. Keep on sharing...and God Bless you greatly as you use His gifting to enlighten those around you.

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