Real Money

Mar 07 2013

President Obama claims to have the most transparent White House ever. And that’s good, because if you want to know what's inside it, you’ll need to be able to see through the walls.As part of the sequestration spending cuts, public tours of the White House have been canceled. This is called the “Firemen First” tactic: instead of cutting waste, cut things the public will notice, like fire protection or access to parks and landmarks. Then they’ll clamor for an end to spending cuts. But this time, it might not work so well. Does anyone seriously believe that cutting spending from $3.8 trillion to $3.799 trillion means we can’t afford a few tour guides’ salaries? Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert introduced an amendment to block spending any more public funds on Obama’s golf outings, like his million-dollar weekend with Tiger Woods, until the White House tours resume. It’s funny, but not likely to pass. But I have a solution I’m sure the President would approve of: just charge people $500,000 to visit the White House. Hey, he’s approved it before.

Speaking of spending priorities, the Tea Party Patriots also have a suggestion: instead of spending $50 million on new uniforms for TSA security guards this year, let them wear the same uniforms until 2014. Each TSA agent gets a $446 a year allowance to buy new uniforms. A Marine Corps combat lieutenant gets a one-time, lifetime uniform allowance of just $400. And I daresay their uniforms take a lot more wear and tear.

Another way to save a little money: instead of going ahead with the White House’s plans to either leave $36 billion worth of trucks, aircraft, armored vehicles and other military hardware in Afghanistan, or else destroy it before we leave, we could spend $5.7 billion to move it. After all, as the late Sen. Everett Dirksen once said about Washington spending, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon, you’re talking real money.”

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  • Ginny Roberts

    03/09/2013 08:00 PM

    I think the only problem with that amendment is that it does not go far enough. I believe that all vacations other than ones to Camp David should be entirely up to the President. The way it is now the president is spending funds that belong to the US citizens, and if these funds paid for vacations for non-president's entourages, these funds should be taxable, because it DOES constitute extra pay for the president or money taxed as a gift(higher?). If dirt-poor Americans are expected to pay income taxes on gifts,Lottery or gambling winnings,then the president should be taxed as well.
    Ideally this should apply to the all vacations paid for by the citizens of the USA. I do not have a problem with presidents taking short weekend visits to Camp David, which I have been told, has a great golf course or to their personal residences like Jimmy Carter's peanut farm, and LBJ and Bush's ranches. By NO means should friends' expenses be covered by American citizens! If the president and his family want to cover these expenses, that would be fine. I think the American people deserve an accounting of all vacation expenses and the taxes paid. President Obama wants to pass a higher tax for wealthier Americans, so I'm sure he will want to pay his fair share. I will never forget how he spoke to a citizen who was questioning him about the point Mr. Obama had made about the need for us to trade our large cars in foe compact and subcompact. This man said, but my wife and I have five children, which makes 7 in our car. The president mumbled something and went on.

  • Danii

    03/09/2013 07:21 PM

    Dear Obama,
    If you really want to help our country in the best way possible, I have a few tips:
    1) Stop putting other countries first
    2) Give us guns, because last time I checked you have security 24/7 and they always have a gun
    3) it should be our decision to help the needy not yours
    4) Learn from Texas
    A Republican/Conservative

  • Bob White

    03/09/2013 06:56 PM

    Why on earth would I have a desire to visit the White House as long as Barack Obama lives there anyway ?

    Perhaps they could use some of the savings when the Obama's leave the White House and fumigate it.

  • Scrote

    03/09/2013 06:50 PM

    All soldiers receive a yearly Clothing allowance. The $400 sounds about right but it's not a lifetime allowance. It's every yearly.

  • atakus finch

    03/09/2013 06:42 PM

    Have you ever noticed how he pauses during answering a question, I think he has an ear piece and somebody behind the curtain is telling him what to say.

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