Tomorrow’s election will not only determine the Presidency, House and Senate, and frankly, what kind of nation America will become. There are also over 170 different ballot initiatives nationwide, asking voters to decide on everything from same sex marriage to charter schools to legalizing marijuana. In fact, the marijuana initiative is on four state ballots – Oregon, Colorado Arkansas, and Washington – and polls show it’s heavily favored to pass in Washington. That is, if its boosters can remember to show up and vote. Massachusetts may legalize doctor-assisted suicide, while Florida might go the other way and cut off federal funding for abortions.

But probably the most watched ballot measure is California’s Prop 30. That’s Gov. Jerry Brown’s request that Californians raise taxes on themselves by $6 billion to help pay off some of the staggering debt that the people they elected on previous ballots ran up in their names. It includes a state income tax hike on people making over $250,000. That’s the easiest kind of tax hike to get the public to approve: a tax on other people who make more than they do. But there are two problems: High earners – who are known in other states as “job creators” – are already so overtaxed, they’re fleeing California for more welcoming states like Texas. Also, Prop 30 asks all Californians to raise their own sales taxes for four years. Will voters who are already hurting from the recession agree to higher taxes on themselves? We’ll find out tomorrow. And since they say that trends start in California and head east, we may get a clue to how Americans will react if Washington asks voters to cover the bill for their own lack of spending control.

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  • William Johnson

    03/30/2013 09:33 PM

    California is losing population and businessess to other states because of high taxes.Hollywood is not making movies,tv,or music much anymore because of the higher taxes.Plus tv shows,movies,and music has to be made outside of California for cheaper incentives.Also the Sacramento Kings of the NBA might move to Seattle Washington as well as the San Diego Chargers of the NFL might move to San Antonio Texas.Hollywood celebrities are leaving California for the same reason.Look for more sport teams to leave California.

  • Joseph Parker

    11/12/2012 10:56 PM

    we rejected it so much

  • Cassi Hammond

    11/06/2012 01:06 PM

    I can't possibly understand how we can give them more money - when they haven't wisely spent the money we have already given them!! California should take some lessons from Texas - better schools and NO state income tax!!! Proving it IS possible!!

  • David Shirley

    11/06/2012 01:42 AM

    As a born and raised Californian I have seen this state go through some pretty crazy things. Finding employment out here is difficult, more so if you're looking outside of the fast food and retail services. The last paycheck I received over a year ago due to an on the job injury I did the math and found that I was being taxed about 38% or my pay in total.
    I believe in generosity and helping those less fortunate around me, but I find it absolutely absurd that this state's government keeps asking the people to bail them out for their indiscretion. My whole life I was told be my parents, teachers, elders, that I must take responsibility for my actions. Maybe it's time for those responsible for our fiscal disaster to cowboy up.

  • Angela Bardowell

    11/05/2012 10:27 PM


    I voted no. It is just another scam by the government in California to get more money to spend under the guise of the money going to education. They have dine it before,

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