Oscar Weekend

Feb 23 2013

An excerpt from my show's monologue this evening:

"It's Oscar weekend and the film world prepares to honor the best of Hollywood.

Last year, just weeks after the amazing Meryl Streep appeared on this very show, she was named Best Actress for her spot-on performance as Lady Margaret Thatcher in "Iron Lady." I'm pretty sure that her being on Huckabee was what put her over the top. Can't prove it, but I think the connection is pretty obvious.

If Bradley Cooper wins this year for Silver Linings Playbook, then it will clearly be his appearance on this show that gave him the stature he needed to be treated with the respect he deserves as a great actor and a truly gracious person. Bradley, in your acceptance speech, you don't have to mention anything about our interview and its role in getting you the Oscar. I'm just glad to be of help."

Please tune in!

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  • Allyne Poole

    03/12/2013 04:26 PM

    I enjoyed Gov. Huckabee's comments about the "View" shuffle. I want to forward it and can't find it again. Please tell me where to find it. Was so informative and TRUE as all he says is.


    02/26/2013 02:44 PM

    wasn't it just so heartwarming to see mrs. do-nothing president take time out to hand out an award! i was so surprized that she wasn't joined by mr. rockstar wanabee ! the night was just so complete when HANOI JANE joined the fray. i'm sure it made more than just a few vets feel warm and cozy inside!so IRAN cencored her bare shouldered look....too bad we can't cencore our own tv's at home. it would save wear and tear on the thumbs working the remote buttons!


    02/26/2013 02:08 PM

    IT sure was heartwarming to see mrs. do-nothing president reading out one of the awards!i'm surprized that hubby .... wannabee mr. rockstar wasn't along side of her with that wonderful smirk of his! having HANOI JANE on was also a touching moment,i allmost broke my thumb twice, trying to get the channel changed with my remote during those 2 historic moments ! i see where IRAN cencored missy's bare-shouldered look, too bad we couldn't have our own tv cencorship at home !

  • Susan Denham

    02/25/2013 07:48 PM

    Hello Huckabee TV Show!
    I just loved the song from Les Mis at the end, is there a link to that, that I can send to friends? What was the singer's name?

    Thanks for your help!


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