Judge Chris Piazza, a circuit court judge in my home state of Arkansas, decided that he is singularly more powerful than the 135 elected legislators of the state, the elected Governor, and 75% of the voters of the state. Apparently he mistook his black robe for a cape and declared himself to be "SUPER LAWMAKER!"

In an order handed down at the close of business, cowardly making it impossible for the attorney general or other attorneys to file for an immediate stay of his overreaching decision, he waved his magic legal wand and erased a 1997 law which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, and a Constitutional amendment passed in 2004 by 75% of the voters which affirmed in the state's Constitution that natural marriage between a a man and a woman is the law. I signed the law in 1997 as Governor, which was sponsored by a Democrat and passed overwhelmingly by the House and Senate, which was comprised of 89% Democrats. I supported the 2004 Constitutional Amendment, Amendment 83. Once it passed, I took an oath to uphold it. So did Judge Piazza. He took the same oath. But he must have come to believe that his oath didn't really mean anything. He must have come to believe the popularly held, but completely false notion that a judge can go beyond deciding something is unconstitutional, he can prescribe the remedy and even implement it. Sorry, judge, but I learned in 9th grade civics and from a reading of the US and Arkansas state constitution that we have 3 branches of government. And that the 3 of them are equal. The judicial branch is not the superior branch and cannot erase the will of the other 2. Most importantly, the ultimate authority and power rests with the people, and they spoke in a 3-1 vote. The dangerous precedent of elected officials allowing one single member of the judicial branch to become Lord God of law is dangerous and unconstitutional. A judicial ruling can send a matter back to the legislature for remedy, but it cannot dictate nor implement the remedy. That requires legislation and the execution of the laws passed, which is the purview of the legislative and executive branches. By virtually ordering same sex marriage to begin immediately, which in fact happened in at least one Arkansas county on the morning after Judge Piazza's Friday night massacre of the law and the will of the people, he positioned himself as if he were all 3 branches of government and declared the voters immaterial. The Governor should call a special session of the legislature and impeach the judge and affirm the people's will. If the people wish to allow same sex marriage, they can put that matter on the ballot and vote for it. Or the legislature can put that matter on the ballot and ask the people to change the Constitution to allow it. But they should not stand by and allow one man to think his robe has more power than it does.

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  • cameron honaker

    06/19/2014 08:11 PM

    just a general question, without all of the hate, or ignorance aimed at any particular group of people. god is powerful, knows all, created all, is the ultimate judge, savior of mankind, and just incompetent enough to have to rely on psychotic "mouthpieces" to relay his rules. can this divine deity not speak for himself?

  • Garth Vader

    06/04/2014 12:50 AM

    I marvel at how the judges have decided that homosexual behavior, which was originally outlawed in all 50 states since the founding of nation, is a Constitutionally-protected right. We continue to discriminate against the polygamist, the pedophile, the incestuous and the beastial, but for some reason the homosexual has been freed from his association with human perversion and bodily abuse. Perhaps it's because the homosexual community has removed the word 'homosexual' from its identity and replaced it with the more nebulous and less direct 'LGBT' term. Moreover, no one in the media or in the government ever makes any argument establishing why homosexuality is a perversion of the correct heterosexual mating practice established by nature. I believe that if the conservative base can start using the term ‘perverse’ to describe homosexual conduct, the tide of public opinion will begin to swing away from the homosexual agenda. No one wants to have their behavior identified as being perverse, so people should naturally veer away from supporting it, but it will naturally have to be explained why it meets the definition of the word perverse, which is quite simple really. From that point on, the crux of the argument rests upon whether or not the Constitution protects perverse human behaviors…and it most assuredly does not!

  • Randy Pochel

    05/20/2014 06:12 PM

    What is with all these "Judges" deciding that they are more powerful than the people and the Constitution? I am talking about the domino effect that "Gay" marriage is unconstitutional. AS Mike Huckabee has pointed out that judges have to follow the laws not make them. Homosexual marriage has been voted on by the people and we have said NO !. Then a judge decides that we don't know what we are talking about and
    a judge rules that we don't have that say and tells us that we have to accept this ? They don't have the authority but they must think that they have the power at the point of a gun.
    Our country have now become a tyranny and the Constitution is quite clear that when a government no longer represent the people, it is the peoples
    duty to throw off such a government.

  • danny

    05/18/2014 08:19 PM

    Please you should stand for president so that you can save the world. I believe your the new Mosses in our days. Well vote for you.

  • D J

    05/15/2014 11:45 PM

    At last... a voice of reason!
    I am a former resident, but a died-in-the-wool Arkansan at heart, even though I have resided in FL for over 40 years.

    It is so unbelievable that the people of AR are no up in arms about Judge Piazza! Maybe I do not understand the AR judicial system.

    I worked as a Deputy Clerk for a Circuit Court in FL for a number of years and am quite familiar with the judicial system here.

    In FL Circuit Court Judges DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO RULE ON ANY LAW. And, when was there ever a law allowing same sex marriage in AR?

    Our Circuit Judges are over districts - some several counties, but they never have appealed a law. They preside over circuit court judicial matters from criminal to civil and/or family law... So where did this judge in AR get such authority.

    I thought... 1) It had to be in the constitution, or an amendment to the constitution, 2) It must be voted in as a law, and 3) The Supreme Court could then rule on it. A Circuit Court Judge just does not have this authority!!

    Why aren't the people in AR up in arms??? Why are they sitting silently? I should be seeing them on FOX News, CNN, raging and rioting over this abuse of power by said judge.

    What am I missing???? And, why is the AG and Governor dragging their collective feet regarding this matter??

    Thank you.

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