One of the many problems with the anti-gun bills rushing through state legislatures is that they’re written by people who don’t know one gun from another.  That’s just become painfully obvious in Colorado.  Joe Biden’s been going around telling people, you don’t need one of those assault rifles, just buy a shotgun.  But Colorado State Sen. Greg Brophy points out that under the gun bill that’s already passed the House, the most common shotgun used  by Colorado pheasant hunters would be outlawed.  Citizens would still be allowed to keep their shotguns, but it would be illegal to ever give up possession to anyone else.  That includes letting your son fire it, or leaving it at a repair shop if it breaks.  Senate Democrats say they’re working on an amendment to deal with that problem.  But if you’re going to let politicians infringe on a God-given right, despite it being expressly forbidden by the Constitution, shouldn’t they at least be smart enough to get the words straight without needed a “do-over.” 

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  • Debbie Shafer

    03/09/2013 08:40 AM

    The Redistricting in Colorado has really messed things up, they were a Conservative state with Conservative values for the rights of the people. I hope they know that gun free zones are lawless zones, (will people hold the politicans accountable for deaths that could have been prevented by home protection in place), and they should look at the Draconian laws that Chicago has, and the absolute high crime rate, and murder rate.

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