His Empty Sleeve

Dec 19 2012

After word came Monday night of the death of Sen. Daniel Inouye at 88, everyone recounted his remarkable political career. Elected to the House the year Hawaii became a state. The first Japanese-American Senator, serving 50 years in the Senate, second only to Robert Byrd. But there was another side to Daniel Inouye that deserves to be eulogized, too. He was a high school senior when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. He said he knew that Japanese-Americans would have to prove themselves by going to war for America and showing they were just as good as anyone else. And he did, earning the Medal of Honor, the Bronze Star and the Distinguished Service Cross.

In his final battle in Italy, Inouye kept crawling up a hill even after he was shot in the stomach. He went on to take out two German machine gun nests before a grenade blew his right arm off. With his left hand, he pried a grenade out of his severed right hand and threw it at a German soldier who was reloading to finish him off. That battle ended his dreams of being a surgeon and forced him to find a new career: politics. As Lyndon Johnson once said, no political opponent could ever question Daniel Inouye’s patriotism, because he answered that with his empty sleeve.

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  • Kaori

    11/16/2013 12:13 AM

    Sherene, my heart truly breaks for you heinarg that you have not voted in your primary yet. This is my first year being active in politics as well and I can say part of me agrees with you about having a bad taste in my mouth. I'm shocked at how emotional this was for me and so many others. I guess I was kind of prepared for this because of the path I took into politics. I came from the school of conspiracy theorists which is a little backwards because usually it's the other way around. Anyway, I was already aware of the realities of politics and was slightly prepared for anything to happen. I put everything I had into Ricks campaign even though I knew Mitt was the RNC's choice. I believe that with Rick and all of us that we made a huge impact on the GOP, the Nation and the world. The not so loud Christian voice was heard. I don't believe any of t was in vain and I do believe that Rick is doing what he has to, to gain better ground for our movement. He has been in politics for a long time and knows how to play the game. Something I'm about to say is what I really believe and I believed it the day he suspended his campaign. Mitt doesn't need our money and resources. Rick did and he knew he was depleting us and that we would give him everything until we went broke. I do believe he made the decision to relieve us of the burden knowing that it would most likely not turn into a victory. I'm in tears even typing it and I don't know if it's true but I want to believe that it is because I know what kind of man he is. That is why I know that he would make one of the best Presidents we have ever had. Without seeing a sure victory I don't believe he could live with knowing he depleted us of everything we had and losing the race. He knows that we are going to need everything to defeat the monster in the WH. I am truly sorry Sherene for everything and I apologize if I ever caused you anguish. I can't read Ricks mind or heart but I want to believe this is what's in it. I truly love all of you that I met from his campaign and hope that one day we can all rally together again to fight for our freedoms.

  • Terry Bagley

    12/24/2012 08:57 PM

    My Christmas message: Jesus was a teacher and his lesson to us was that God is a part of our existence not separate from it. Jesus said to look within and you will find the Kingdom of God. He was talking about awareness from within. Just as we have a conscious and a subconscious we also have a supraconscious which is our God consciousness. The star you must follow as the Wise men followed is the light within yourself. You will know when you find God because you will awaken an unconditional love for all mankind.

  • Daniel Polowetzky

    12/20/2012 12:20 PM

    When he returned to the United States he was denied a haircut because he was a "Jap". Sad!

    While his brethren were imprisoned by the government, had their property confiscated, he was fighting in the Pacific and welcomed home with insults.

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