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In a fight between liberal ideals and physical reality, which side would you bet your life on? This week in San Francisco, the ACLU announced the filing of a lawsuit, challenging the military’s policy of barring women from some combat positions. It’s on behalf of four female military members who have served heroically. They complain that the exclusions are holding back their careers, and that combat positions should be based on strength and skill, not gender. Okay. But here’s where reality intrudes.

The Pentagon is opening more combat positions up to women. But the Marines have fitness tests for combat that require men to be able to do at least three pull-ups. Because they consider women to have less upper body strength, women didn’t have to do the pull-ups. But starting in 2014, they will. And a study of over 300 female Marines found that only 21 percent could do at least three pull-ups. Already last summer, two female Marines who enrolled in the Marine Corps’ grueling Infantry Officer Course washed out. So far, no more women have volunteered.

So the ACLU is suing for full gender equality in all combat roles. But in reality, the only ways to achieve full equality are either to lower the strength requirements for all Marines or to make unequal exceptions for women. Something tells me none of their legal arguments will matter much to a soldier who gets shot in combat and needs his comrade to carry him to safety. All he’ll know is that no ACLU lawyers are going to be around to help with the heavy lifting.

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  • Peter Balsam

    12/19/2012 11:24 AM

    It is quintessential liberal/left/progressive thinking to insist that women are equal to men in body strength then insist that they should not have to meet the same training requirements of men. If it's one thing I can't tolerate, it's intolerance.

  • Mark K Spoon

    12/12/2012 07:00 PM

    Women in combat: OK, if equality is the concern, then do not lower the standards, and make all standards equal. One must be able physically to pull a wounded buddy out of the line of fire, or even carry them. When women wanted on submarines, the only viable answer was to have an all female crew. We now have 2 operational subs with female crews and they are doing just fine. Maybe the answer is to construct an all female combat unit?

  • Harold F. Reynolds

    12/06/2012 08:00 PM

    It really is NOT a matter of equality,it IS a fact that God made male & female differant,and with the rare exception,Most Women really do not have the upper body streagnth that is required of a Combat Soldier,or a Combat Medic,I know this first hand,as I am a 20 year retired Army Combat Medic.
    All that the ACLU will achieve with this lawsuit if tthey win,is get more people injured and killed,including the women they claim to be representing in this lawsuit.

  • Tim Reynolds

    12/04/2012 10:48 PM

    If women are allowed in combat roles I hope some young man challenges the selective service requirements on equal protection grounds. At that point there would be no legal basis to exclude women from the draft.

  • ronald clark

    12/04/2012 05:43 PM

    I believe that women should serve in the military just like men. But they like men should only have to serve one time in a combat zone. If they want to be on the front lines they should have the option to do so. If the draft is reinstated women should be included

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