This morning I checked myself into the hospital after feeling chest pains. This caused me to miss my scheduled "Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett" book tour stops in Cincinnati and Louisville as there is no way we could make them with me sitting in a hospital having tests run. I have now found out the heart is fine, blood pressure is elevated and I am exhausted.

However, I am now able to resume the
"Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett" book tour with the doctor's okay and we are now on the road to Bowling Green KY for tonight's event (although we may be a little late getting there) and will continue with our schedule as planned the rest of the week. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to those of you who were going to be in Cincinnati and Louisville but we will make sure those stores get some signed books so you can at least get signed copies. I am
glad I am okay because although I wrote the book so that my grand kids would have a way to know me after I am gone,I am not ready for that to happen anytime soon.

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  • Karen Seay

    12/29/2012 09:10 PM

    Gov. I, am just a house wife I have been married for 34 year. I am not sure how America going to fix this mess we are in with this Pres. I was watching your show tonight and was shock of what I heard from the Sen. How can we stop Obama from completely destroy America . I pray that God will stop this unsettling Pres. I don't believe that America will take what's this Pres. Doing to Americans. I will keep praying for my country and hope it don't come to a revaluation .Thank you for your time and God Bless you and your family.

  • nancy b. holt

    12/19/2012 08:56 AM

    well, Praise God,you are alright, Governor Huckabee!
    you seem to be one of the few "voices of reason" in our country. The "left" is obviously feeling "threatened", and thus their vitriolic attacks on your comments. I heard them, and could, in no way, conclude that you said that God was punishing us.
    Please march on..

  • Cheryl Brown

    12/18/2012 07:00 PM

    So, Mr. you
    believe we should now have
    stricter Gun-Control rights,
    or do you think it's merely
    our 2nd-amendment right and
    we're entitled to own anything we please? I hope
    I don't hear..."well, the
    guy was nuts...he would have
    made a bomb to use at the
    school anyway." I don't hear of this thing happening in most civilized European countries. We're living as if it's the civil-wear era...unbelievable.

  • Richard Franchi

    12/16/2012 08:12 AM

    Sir.....Your video and comments about the school shooting. You are right.....this would never happen in a school with a religous background, because your God would be protecting it. And yes a God of fear. I love you, but if you do not do as I say you will burn in hell. Wonderful....the carrrrot and the sticccck,
    You really are origional.


  • Sheri C.

    12/12/2012 12:58 PM

    I hope that you are feeling better Mr. Huckabee. Just want to let you know I watch your sow every day and I want to thank you for all that you do to bring us the truth and give us teachable moments. God bless you and yous... and GOD BLESS AMERICA and may he keep her.

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