Throughout this holiday week, I will share stories of Thanksgiving from radio listeners across the country.

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From Florida:

It seems like not that long ago, my children were in the kitchen with me having so much fun, it did not matter there was flour, nor did it matter how many times they tasted the cookie dough, we had fun, and each one was always wanting know if they was doing a good job, and of course my answer was Of course, you are doing super! They loved taking part in preparing the meal, and I loved watching them. We had some wonderful moments that nothing can ever take away from us. Both my Children are grown, but they still love Thanksgiving Day, and remember the times in the kitchen with dear old Mom.:) Have a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving, Make some memories. No one can take those from you. God Bless.

Mary Grace, Panama City, Florida

From Arkansas:

It was Thanksgiving week, 1931, and my grandmother...a diabetic...was very a coma. Like other diabetics she controlled her disease with diet at that time. There was a gospel meeting at church, and they had been praying for Mama Dee to wake up. On Saturday after Thanksgiving the doctor told Grandad she probably would not make it through the night. Grandad went to church services that night, led singing, and shared his heartache with the congregation. Several stayed through the night to pray, and Grandad went back to the hospital. The doctor met him and told him about a new medicine that was untested...insulin...and the doctor asked for permission to try insulin on Mama Dee. He told Grandad that she was gone anyway, and he wanted to see if this new medicine would possibly bring her out of the coma. Grandad gave permission and was told to go home and rest...the doctor planned to spend the night at her bedside.

At 6 Sunday morning the phone rang, and it was the doctor, telling Grandad that Mama Dee was awake and talking. She knew much of what went on when she was in the coma, and when Grandad and my mother went to see her before morning worship services, she was chipper and happy. A few months later she was privileged to meet the men who discovered insulin. Mama Dee lived another 50 years, dependent on insulin, blind the last 25 years because of diabetes, but thankful for her health, for the blessing of living to see grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Nearly every Thanksgiving of my life someone in the family has reminded us of that 1931 Thanksgiving. What a blessing Mama Dee was in my life...and how thankful I am that Grandad allowed her to be a guinea pig for insulin!

Deanna Brooks, Arkansas

From Texas:

I am so thankful to be able to stand now for more than twenty minutes with less pain. 5 years ago a doctor severed a major vessel during back surgery. I lost massive amounts of blood and it took me two years to be able to really walk again. Then a year later I discovered I had large amounts of scar tissue pinching nerves causing excruciating pain. It has taken another two years before a device was implanted to trick my brain into feeling tingling instead of pain. I am most thankful that a loving God brought to me a wonderful husband of thirty years who has been an exceptional caregiver. In addition I have such a loving mom who has tirelessly taken care of me and a loving family and friends who have loved and prayed for me through the five year ordeal. I just pray I can use what I have been through to help others. We have so much to be thankful for that the list is endless. God bless you! This may be shared with others. No matter what your circumstance is, there is hope through our loving father. He did not make me ill or broken, he uses the situation so that I can help others!

Rebecca Collier, Texas

From Texas:

My dad was hit by a drunk driver the night after elections in 1992. He ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Odessa, Texas and he and I were going to congratulate the Democrat challenger(yuck)which was much harder on his daughter..ME than him)when the accident happened leaving him a quadriplegic for 51/2 years before he succumbed to his injuries in 1997. Thankfully I was spared and my daddy thanked God everyday for the rest of his life for this miracle!!! On Thanksgiving following the death of my sweet daddy, I swear I could hear him in my ear saying........."so did your mom burn the turkey AGaIN????" God has a good sense of humor as did my daddy!!!!

Denise Durell, Texas

From Kentucky:

Thanksgiving of 1999 my dad was in the nursing home. We decided to take Thanksgiving dinner to him. I was able to get a room in the nursing home to have the dinner. All of our family attended and when we brought dad in he was so happy he cried. We cooked enough food that the nurses and nurses aides also shared Thanksgiving with us. It was a wonderful day and I am so glad that God allowed us to share Dad's last Thanksgiving with him.

Mona Darnell, Kentucky

A couple years ago, Albertson gave a free turkey when you bought one so my son was chef for that day...he got the carving knife and "tackled" the bird. He started and he said, "There is no meat on the turkey.” His daughter looked angry. She said, "Daddy, you cooked it upside down!"

Betty McWilliam

From New Jersey:

My story goes back to the day I was born. Little did I know at the time that I would have the privilege of being born in the greatest, freest country in the world! There are so many things I have to be thankful for: my children, husband and good health, but it is this great country, founded on Judea Christian values and Founding Father principles that made it all possible! The only thing that tops that is God Almighty and the Soldiers who continually fight to sustain the very things I remain thankful for! Thanks Mike!

Anne McGlymn, New Jersey

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  • Takanori

    11/15/2013 08:15 PM

    Hey Joe Runner, My family and I will be trievlang up from Florida to Louisville for Thanksgiving. We would love to run this 5 miler Thanksgiving morning. Is there a chance you could send me a copy of the registration? Thanks!

  • Dorothy Musgrove

    11/24/2012 05:55 PM

    I am for Mitt Romney. But friends have told me something very disturbing and I would appreciate you investigating. I was told that Romney cancelled credit cards right after election and left volunteers who had to pay their hotel bills and find their own transportation.
    Just seems ungrateful.

  • Mona Darnell

    11/23/2012 04:43 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing my Thanksgiving story. That Thanksgiving really meant a lot to me and gave me wonderful memories.

  • Carole Cummings

    11/23/2012 02:46 PM

    As I grew up in Shreveport, my mom would start chopping vegetables, cooking cornbread for dressing, and making pie crusts. She'd start cooking

    early Wednesday morning, and I helped from the time I was very young until I moved to Dallas when I was 32. Daddy passed away when I was 17.

    Once I moved, I still came home every Thanksgiving and helped her. Whether it was just our family and my maternal grandmother or "strays" as

    Mother called them (those who were too far away to go home), it was always the same amount of food. We could have fed another 3 or 4 families

    with all she cooked, and she was proud of it. I'm sure I sound like most kids raised in the South, but my mom was without a doubt THE best cook

    IN the South *smile* Her food was so good, you'd find yourself knowingly overeating because you just didn't want to stop. And all that overeating resulted in afternoon naps all around zzzzz

    Sadly, my mom passed away 7 years ago. I now live in Southeast Texas and my grown children now live in the Dallas area, nearer their dad. We

    have a blended family, and my husband's boys live in Texas, but not very close. One is in Austin, and the other in Houston. "Austin" has a

    girlfriend who has to work all week, so they opted to just stay home. "Houston" is in rehab, which is a good thing for him, but can't come home.

    "Cats in the Cradle" (Cat Stevens) come home to roost.

    I spent a rather lonely Thanksgiving yesterday, because my husband is a long haul driver. Too many drivers in his company insisted on a day off,

    but freight still has to move, so he is working.

    Regardless, I made a conscious effort to count my many blessings. I do, however, long for those days when we had full days of family, food and football. Lots of love and warm hearts gathered around my mama's table.

  • Stephen M. Leek

    11/23/2012 12:37 PM

    Thanks for the wonderful stories. It was a pleasure to red them and hear from the authors of their thankfulness. Peace & Love to all and may God continue to bless the USA, Amen!

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