New Yorkers are famous for being a little grumpy, shall we say, even in the best of times. But their anger and frustration are reaching new heights thanks to the shortages and outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. They’re stuck in traffic, waiting in long lines for scarce gasoline, and hearing that most people won’t have their power back on for at least another 10 days. Of course, there are always contrarians who revel in the failures of modern society. Occupy Wall Street protesters have been tweeting about how freeing it is to have no electricity or subways or businesses open. Interesting that they express their rejection of modern technology by taking to their iPhones. We’ll see if they still feel the same way after their batteries die.

One thing New Yorkers might want to do, as long they’ll have so much time without TV or the Internet, is to rethink their ideas about government. As James Estrada at the American Thinker notes, way back in 2001, President Bush proposed upgrading the electrical grid to prevent outages like this. Congressional Democrats accused him of wanting to enrich his cronies in the energy industry and rejected it. They’ve since spent billions on green energy, but no windmills are spinning to the rescue.

Also, there have been calls for years to build seawalls and other defenses against flooding in New York City, but those projects were too big and expensive, so they got kicked down the road. Instead, government micromanaged things like the salt and fat and drink sizes at restaurants. That seems like pretty lousy planning, when you realize that once the floods came, the restaurants shut down.

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  • Betty Phillips

    11/12/2012 11:23 AM

    The power co of Alabana the day after the storm sent their trucks to New York to help they were told they were not needed and ask them if they belonged to the union the trucks were then sent to West Virginia. Check this out I have a problem with this and now they are wanting help????

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