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  • Beth L. Chester

    12/12/2012 10:18 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    I am a registered independent, an Emory University political science graduate, a former reporter and a native Southerner, who grew up playing the piano in my rural, Baptist church.

    I have a Christmas challenge and wish for Republicans, Democrats and every other American at this time of great division. In seeking help from conservatives, I am reaching out first to you. I have submitted my story to your Christmas submission team. Please ask to read it. I plan to ask liberal/other media for assistance, as well.

    This began for me in 2006, when my father suddenly passed became a calling I cannot answer alone. I need help from many, many volunteers across the country...volunteers of every political persuasion, working together in their own communities.

    With the nation so divided, I can't think of anything which could do more to heal this chasm than to begin by uniting behind a common, non-political this case, a project which lifts up and celebrates the beauty of every life journey, in an incredibly meaningful way...a project which will bless thousands and thousands of lives (the work is detailed in my personal story, included in the submission).

    You are a Christian and a pastor. You know the uplifting power of joining hands...the walls that fall...the peace that flows when we bridge divides. I hope you'll join me in this project. Serve in whatever capacity you choose: advisor, advocate, board member, oversight.

    If the many factions of our nation can unite to accomplish this goal, the resulting work will become an ongoing testament that we can still do great things together as a people...that there is goodness in every heart, even in the hearts of those with whom members of each side strongly disagree.

    Please read my personal story, and you will understand my passion and work. Sharing the message of my experience – and creating a path to fulfill its work – this is something I am supposed to do...something I know I was led to do. However, it is a tremendous undertaking and will only be accomplished if people throughout the nation join hands.

    I believe you have a role to play, and I sincerely believe you will feel blessed to have played that part. Please read the entire story to fully understand the various elements and the complete vision imparted to me. Since I know you pray for direction, I ask that you seek God's guidance to discern what your role, if any, should be. Please email with any questions (the address is required to post).

    Sincerely, Beth L. Chester

  • Dick Bramblitt

    12/10/2012 08:25 PM

    If our Chritmas stoes are read, will we be notified?

    Thanks, Dick Bramblitt

  • Deborah Loy

    12/10/2012 12:20 PM

    What if the House makes a compromise. Allow the 2% tax hike on the upper income (which I don't really like to do) now on the condition that a agreement on entitlement spending cut within 3 months of 1013. If it is not reached...agreement on the tax increase becomes void. Government spending MUSt be curtained...not necessarily social security but the stupid waste going on. As for Obamacare, Everyone and that includes government should have to use this healthcare. If it is as great as Pelosi says it is, let her and her family use it. Also the extravegant spending on House and Senate. If these people had to pay for their apartments and vehicles out of their own pocket, them would be alittle more concerned on wasted spending. We paid for them to do a job, not pay for their lifestyle. One of us is getting the short end of the deal and I don't think it is them. We really need people to get more involved and we need to speak out against this media live affair with Pres. Obama. Enough of this type of reporting.

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