Dear loyal friends and supporters:

We live in the greatest country on earth and I ran for President because I wanted to make it better for my 5 grandkids. I have no regrets about the effort because it’s never our responsibility to determine the results, but to be faithful to the task before us. I have suspended my campaign, but not my desire to see America protect all human life, reward those who work hard, and give our veterans and seniors what they have paid the price to earn.

I am blessed with an incredibly supportive wife and family who never wavered in their confidence in me. Our campaign staff was amazing—they gave it their all with competence, compassion, and a spirit of teamwork that I will forever cherish. Our effort didn’t fall short due to lack of effort and expertise from our team. And our volunteers every day were stunning and beyond belief in their efforts. On days when I was exhausted and getting hammered by polls, idiotic media questions, or long car rides, I would read a post on FB from one of our supporters or get a letter from a donor that gave me fresh energy and determination.

While I truly wish the results were different, I would rather lose with honor than win without it. Thank you so much for your prayers, your sacrifices of time and money, and your tireless efforts for our campaign.

Rumors abound that I’m getting ready to endorse someone, but those rumors are totally untrue. While I may eventually support one of the candidates, right now I have a lot of things to do in wrapping up the loose ends of the campaign, trying to figure out my next chapter of life, and spending some time with my dogs who probably wonder if I had abandoned them. (I haven’t!)

I love you guys, and want to stay in touch. I am eternally grateful for you!

With gratitude and great respect,

Mike Huckabee

We’ve abandoned the building blocks of civilization. Life, marriage and family issues aren’t bargaining chips or political considerations. They are moral issues.

I will never apologize for my faith in Jesus Christ, my convictions or my values. Period.

Life begins at conception. This isn’t just a Biblical view — it’s affirmed by modern science and every unique human DNA schedule, which is present at conception.

As Governor, I promoted and signed a fetal protection act. I imposed a ban on partial birth abortion, established waiting periods, created parental notification requirements, and passed a bill so mothers who brought a newborn to a hospital or fire station would not be prosecuted for child abandonment.

I may stand alone, but I am absolutely faithful to the issue of marriage. Not because it’s politically expedient, but because it’s the Biblical position, the historical position and the right position. We must defend, protect and preserve traditional marriage.

Conviction, moral clarity and integrity matters, and the people of Iowa know I will never say one thing in Marshalltown, Iowa and another in Manhattan.

Our grassroots team of Iowa families, farmers, teachers, activists and volunteers is energized and excited for victory on caucus night.

"Lord, please protect and guide Mike , his family and staff. I pray that it would be in your will to open the eyes of believers in Iowa and throughout this nation that Mike is the one who will lead this nation back to You and Your sovereign grace. Bless him and protect him, while you guide him to become our President. In Jesus mighty name. Amen."

- Deanna Pannell, Iowa


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We are so grateful for your support of Mike Huckabee.  Thank you for caucusing or considering to caucus for him this evening!


Team Huck Iowa


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