Fox News anchor Jon Scott has come under fire for a comment he tossed off about the Muslim community. I’d like to offer some context to his remark and also some insight into what he might have intended.

The context was a discussion of the recently concluded season of HOMELAND, a show that in past years has, to an amazing degree, echoed the headlines and examined the complexities of America’s dealings with Islamic terrorism. Fans of the show have been deeply perplexed by a turn the show took this season --- accused terrorists were now victims, and the real victimizer dwelled at the highest levels of the CIA.

Protagonists Carrie and Saul believed fervently in the Iranian nuclear deal (!), considering it to be an achievement with real potential for peace. Evil CIA operator Dar Adal worked behind the scenes to bring the deal down by making it look as if Iran were cheating, with North Korea, no less. The President-elect (a woman, almost surely cast when it was assumed Hillary would win) leaned towards the view of Carrie and Saul and called for “a new strategy.”

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In some ways, the tortured plot did still echo current news. I’ll paraphrase one particularly memorable quote from Dar Adal: “Madame President-elect, you don’t want to be in a war with the intelligence community –- you will lose.” It reminded me of what President Trump sometimes appears to be facing from his own FBI. But the show reversed the polarities so that the President was the one trying to temper America’s response to terrorists. By the end of the season, it was truly through the looking glass.

Jon Scott’s quip came after a video segment with Mandy Patinkin (Saul), who said that “...maybe it’s the white men in the government and the military establishment who are the bad guys, not the Muslim community.” Coming to the defense of American “white men,” Scott quipped, “If you don’t want to be portrayed in a negative light, maybe don’t burn people alive and set off bombs and things like that.”

Jon Scott knows, and we all know he knows, that most Muslims don’t burn people alive and set off bombs. Obviously, he was so disgusted by the view expressed by Patinkin and the politically correct turn taken by a once-great show that his comment came out a bit bluntly. Can you blame the man? I sure can’t.

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