It’s always a good idea to “go to the tape” and see what someone actually said before letting the Selective Outrage Machine fire up your emotions. Latest case in point: the attempt to stir up fury over Donald Trump telling a Washington, DC, crowd on Sunday that “this is our day and we have to be very proud of it.” That sparked the usual Twitter mobs, spewing accusations in every direction, from Trump not knowing what Memorial Day is to him trying to claim the holiday is about himself. You can see more of their attacks and get the full story at the link below.

I guess none of these self-appointed experts on Memorial Day realized that it’s not on Sunday, it’s on Monday. Trump was speaking at the Rolling Thunder Run, an annual gathering of bikers to call attention to POWs and MIAs that falls on Memorial Day Weekend. I’d say that Trump was justified in calling that “our day,” seeing as they organize it every year, and Trump was an invited participant. But even if he actually had been speaking on Memorial Day and called it “our day,” how would that be outrageous? Of course, it’s a day for fallen US veterans, but it’s also “our day” in the sense that it’s our US federal holiday for honoring them, as opposed to South Korea’s Memorial Day (June 6) or Newfoundland and Labrador’s Memorial Day (July 1).

No wonder so many Americans are fed up with politics when that now provides an excuse to rip people apart on the flimsiest of pretexts. Instead of using social media to attack a political opponent over a vague pronoun, all those people instead could have joined in to echo the nonpartisan message of Rolling Thunder: to remember American POWs and MIAs. Then Sunday really would have been “our day,” as in “all of ours.”

See for yourself.