One of the many reasons why Americans voted for Trump was because he’s a businessman, not someone who’s spent his entire life in the political bubble. They were fed up with the DC mindset that every agency must always get more money to spend than last year, even with the debt climbing toward $20 trillion. Does anyone outside the Beltway Bubble, where even deep recessions never put a damper on spending, ever enjoy that luxury?

Budgeting had become so meaningless in Washington that after Democrats took over both the White House and Congress in 2009, they stopped passing budgets entirely for six years. The GOP finally retook both Houses in 2015 and passed a non-binding budget outline that didn’t require Obama’s signature (he wouldn’t have signed it, anyway: it called for cutting spending by $5 trillion over 10 years). No Senate Democrats voted for it; they predicted voters would be so furious over the spending cuts, Republicans would pay a steep price at the polls. That prediction worked out about as well as their budget-free spending had.

One reason why the deep state bureaucrats are squealing like stuck pigs is that for the first time in their lives, there’s someone in charge who plans to impose a real budget, the type all of our families and businesses have to live on. Trump promised to release a budget next month that starts to clean up the financial “mess” he inherited, and that makes every branch of government responsible for protecting “every last tax dollar. No more wasted money.” Naturally, Chuck Schumer is vowing to fight him “tooth and nail” on it, the nails having been purchased by the Pentagon for $200 each.

No wonder Washington bureaucrats hate Trump so much. They’ve turned wasting our money into an art form, and Trump wants to take that away! It’s like taking away Picasso’s paint brushes! That is, if he bought them from a patron with no competitive bids, paid $3 million apiece for them, and painted only in red.

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