Today’s must-read op-ed is deservedly getting a lot of attention. It’s by former state and federal prosecutor George Perry, writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the “Russia collusion” investigation. You remember that, don’t you? The media were utterly consumed with claims that Donald Trump was the Siberian Candidate, a tool of Putin installed in the White House through sneaky Russian hacking of files that unfairly exposed the actual collusion between the DNC, the media and the Clinton campaign. The hysteria built all the way to the appointment of a special counsel, despite nobody as yet producing a molecule of evidence.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, the whole teetering tower of allegations toppled when the liberal magazine The Nation published an expert forensic investigation declaring that time stamps on the DNC files prove it was impossible to have downloaded them over the Internet; they had to have been copied directly to a storage device by an insider with access to the computer; and the “Russian” fingerprints on the files had been cut-and-pasted onto them.

Coincidentally, at that exact moment, Trump instantly switched, in media depictions, from being a tool of Boris Badenov to a supporter of the Confederacy.

Well, as a longtime prosecutor, Mr. Perry can smell a cover-up a mile away, and even I can smell this rat all the way from DC. Perry publicly calls on “Russian collusion” special counsel Robert Mueller to live up to his job title by demanding to examine the allegedly hacked DNC email server and determine if it really was hacked or if an insider breached it, and if so, who and why. (Astoundingly, despite making the hacking claim that started it all, the self-proclaimed “victims” at the DNC have adamantly refused to let investigators see their server. If one didn’t know they were as pure as the newly-fallen snow, one might think they had something to hide.)

Democrats and the news media (but I repeat myself) claim to want to “get to the bottom of this.” But what if the bottom line is that a disgruntled DNC staffer, angry at collusion between the DNC, the media and the Clinton campaign to squash Bernie Sanders and coronate Hillary, leaked the evidence to WikiLeaks (whose founder Julian Assange has always denied that it came from Russian hackers)? What if the whole “Russian hacker/Trump collusion” narrative was just a big, fat, divisive, tax money-wasting McGuffin designed to give face-saving cover to Hillary Clinton for losing an election they were sure she’d win? (Liberal response: “Look, over there! A statue of Robert E. Lee!”)

You can call that “outrageous” if you like, but even The Nation found more evidence to support it than we’ve seen to support the official narrative. Read Perry’s full, prosecutor-like case that if liberals are serious in their demand to find out what really happened to the DNC server, then the obvious first step should be having the chief investigator examine the DNC server. Otherwise, it’s like they’re demanding an autopsy while refusing to let the authorities see the body.