One of the major reasons why I support Donald Trump despite some personal reservations is that I believe he truly does have the best interests of America and its people at heart. He’s not in this for self-enrichment (it’s a big pay cut for him). And I believe he genuinely cares about our veterans and is angry enough about the way they’ve been treated to do something about it. Electing Hillary Clinton will mean at least four more years of corrupting the agencies of government to target political enemies and reward cronies, and no meaningful reform of the VA, even if it means veterans keep dying. If you don’t think sticking with the current situation at the VA will result in an endless cycle of fake outrage followed by rewarding the very people who are responsible for abusing our vets, consider this story:

A woman was fired by a Chicago VA facility for numerous instances of abusing veterans and lying during her appeal (she reportedly even called the police on her boss when he dared to ask her to do some work).

Meanwhile, in Arizona, the Phoenix VA facility was boasting that it has overcome its 2014 scandal involving lying about patient wait times and now has no tolerance for such behavior. Except that they hired the same woman who was fired by the Chicago VA. Thanks to union contracts and federal hiring policies, she was given preference over veterans and other applicants from the general public. The Daily Caller reports that the former Chicago VA employee was put to work on a program designed to help veterans escape long wait times by seeing private doctors. She had no experience in that field, and her department is now the worst-performing in the city, keeping patients waiting for months.

It’s said that Pete Towshend of The Who perfectly described modern politics when he wrote "Won't Get Fooled Again," with the lyrics, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” If we allow ourselves to get fooled again and keep electing the same bosses to Washington, then we’ll get nothing but the same bosses at the VA. For our veterans, that’s worse than frustrating. It can be deadly.