Liberals are desperately trying to spin the current threat from North Korea as somehow being President Trump’s fault, because the hot potato they’ve had in the oven since the ‘90s just got dropped into his lap. They seem more concerned with slamming Trump for his strong warning of a deadly response to a North Korean nuclear attack and with undermining American security by questioning our military readiness than they are with North Korea actually threatening to nuke us. The apex of Trump Derangement Syndrome came from the Washington Post, which ran a story that seemed meant to panic readers with the big scoop that Donald Trump has the nuclear codes! Well, yes. If you aren’t living in a fantasy world where Hillary Clinton won last November, then you know that Trump is the President, so of course, he has the nuclear codes.

Meanwhile, as the left excoriates Trump for not using the same gaseous appeasement rhetoric that’s been utterly useless for 20 years, let’s turn back the clock and relive those golden days of the 1990s, when a “real President,” Bill Clinton, was in office, assuring us that his agreement to let North Korea build nuclear reactors in exchange for its pinky-swear promise not to pursue nuclear weapons would make the entire world safer.

“Smart diplomacy,” ladies and gentlemen!