The big story overnight is that special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice in firing former FBI Director James Comey. This despite the fact that several top intelligence officials and even Comey himself have admitted under oath that Trump did nothing to obstruct the investigation of the “Russian collusion” story for which no evidence has ever been unearthed, and that as President, Trump has the legal authority to fire the FBI Director at any time for any reason, including that he didn’t like how an investigation is going. So why would Mueller be wasting taxpayer money investigating Trump for something he hasn’t been accused of and that he has the power to do anyway? Shouldn’t Mueller be busy explaining why he shouldn’t step down himself for his obvious conflicts of interest due to his newly-exposed deep personal ties to his own top witness, Comey?

Well, there could be a simple explanation. The story came from the Washington Post, which cited unnamed sources close to the investigation. If that’s true, then the sources are leaking information about a confidential federal investigation, which is a federal crime, and Mueller should immediately help root them out so that they can be arrested and prosecuted if he wants his investigation to maintain even a shred of credibility. If it’s not true, then it will join an ever-growing list of anti-Trump WaPo stories based on anonymous sources that made big headlines but later turned out to be a giant pile of used diapers. So maybe the prudent thing to do would be to wait until the claim is verified by a more reputable source than WaPo, like Mueller himself or the National Enquirer, or possibly a Magic 8-Ball.