Today’s must-see video: Many of the “Never Trump” crowd say their anti-Trump zeal is based on their belief that Trump has always been a Democrat, that he only recently became a Republican and will break all his promises to blue collar voters and govern like a liberal as soon as he’s elected.

Heaven knows, I would never claim to be able to predict what Donald Trump will do in the future. But a rare piece of video has been unearthed that casts doubt on his critics’ claims about his past. It’s an interview with Trump at a major Republican event. He claims he’s a Republican, but rejects the label of “moderate” or “Rockefeller Republican.” He says he believes in certain principles of the party, but he’s more comfortable with people like cab drivers and construction workers than with wealthy elites, who don’t like him because he competes with them, and he likes to win.

I know, it sounds just like any recent Trump rally. But this piece of video is actually nearly 30 years old. Larry King was interviewing him at the 1988 GOP Convention, where Trump was supporting George H.W. Bush…who is currently refusing to return the favor, even though Trump was his invited guest to the '88 convention. I’d say that unless Trump has developed a time machine, this video is pretty convincing proof that he’s been a populist Republican longer than most Bernie Sanders voters have been alive. Click the link to see the full video.

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A Four Legged Hero

May 9, 2016

I love a good dog story, and this is a great one. This particular four-legged Huck’s Hero didn’t perform any dramatic feat. But she’s a quiet hero every day to a young boy from Louisiana, and his school found a unique way to commemorate her service.

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