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- Sequester: How it will kick in and when, Senate rejection of sequester alternative bills

- Bob Woodward-gate continues
- Bradley Manning pleads guilty to leaking classifieddocuments

LISA JOHNSON MANDELL - LisaJohnsonMandell.com

Lisa reviews "Jack the Giant Slayer,"Phantom," "Stoker," and "Genius on Hold"


Lisa is the Yahoo! Movies Film Critic

RAY STEVENS - RayStevens.com

"Ray-Ality TV" airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on TNN


Ray Stevens just thinks funny. His humor is keenly observant and rich in nuance. His style is unaffected and unpretentious which for the past fifty years has allowed for entertainment that is both witty and guileless. From his multi-million selling comedy hit, “The Streak” to the socially aware “Mr. Businessman” to his Grammy award winning pop standard “Everything Is Beautiful” his talent has touched so many. Not only a singer and composer, Ray has also produced, arranged and played on the recordings of some of Nashville’s most legendary performers.