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- Jimmy Hoffa Jr. predicts civil war over Right to Work
- The Fed releases another round of Stimulus
- Van Jones wants the government to "foreclose on the top 1%"
SEN. TOM COBURN (OK) - Coburn.Senate.Gov
Wasteful spending to cut in Fiscal Cliff negotiations

Tom A. Coburn, M.D. was elected to the U.S. Senate on November 2, 2004.  Dr. Coburn's priorities in the Senate include reducing wasteful spending, protecting your liberty, balancing the budget, improving health care access and affordability, protecting the sanctity of all human life - including the unborn - and representing traditional, Oklahoma values. As a citizen legislator, Dr. Coburn has pledged to serve no more than two terms in the Senate and to continue to care for patients. He is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and the Committee on Finance.   As a senator, Dr. Coburn has offered more amendments than any of his colleagues.  Prior to his election to the Senate, Dr. Coburn represented Oklahoma's Second Congressional District in the House of Representatives from 1995 through 2001. He was first elected in 1994, then re-elected in 1996 and 1998, becoming the first Republican to hold the seat for consecutive terms. Dr. Coburn retired from Congress in 2001, fulfilling his pledge to serve no more than three terms in the House.

SEN. JEFF SESSIONS (AL) - Sessions.Senate.Gov
Entitlement reform and the Fiscal Cliff

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is currently serving his 6th term, and is the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee

STEVE FORBES - Forbes.com
His solution to the Fiscal Cliff

Steve Forbes is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Forbes, and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine. A widely respected economic prognosticator, he is a four-time winner of the Crystal Owl Award, a prize the U.S. Steel Corporation used to award the financial journalist whose economic forecasts for the coming year proved most accurate.

BERT HARRIS - Get your flag by emailing radio@mikehuckabee.com

Bert Harris is a retired school teacher from Louisiana, who developed the idea of a Christian Flag as a way to express her faith to the public.

STACY SWIMP - StacySwimp.net
Stacy was involved in altercations at the Michigan State Capitol

Stacy Swimp is President of the Frederick Douglass Society, a Public Policy and Education Institution and he is host of Contagious Transformation, a weekly Conservative Political Commentary internet radio program.