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- Syria: Obama's Chief of Staff does all five Sunday shows in preparation for the President's speech Tuesday night, Obama himself will sit down with five networks today, Joe Biden hosts GOP Senators Sunday night for dinner, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad interviewed by Charlie Rose claims he didn't order the chemical weapons, rebels overtake a Christian village and promptly burn its churches, Democrats support is slowly eroding, Kerry and Hagel cite Syria Accountability Act of 2003 for action although neither of them voted for it in the Senate

- NSA can read data details from smartphones

- IRS scandals continue: Latest is seminar for black ministers on how to endorse candidates from the pulpit, and the fast track for Obama Foundation led by his brother which was approved by Lois Lerner


NEWT GINGRICH - cnn.com/crossfire

Syria/“Crossfire” returning tonight at 6:30 PM ET on CNN



Newt Gingrich is the Co-Host of “Crossfire” on CNN returning tonight at 6:30 PM ET) and the former Speaker of the House.

DR. JAMES CARAFANO - Heritage.org


James Carafano directs The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies.  Carafano is a weekly columnist on national security affairs for the Washington Examiner newspapers.

JESSIE JANE DUFF - ConcernedVeteransForAmerica.org 




Jessie Jane Duff is on the Organizing Committee for Concerned Veterans for America. Jessie served 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps and retired a Gunnery Sergeant. 

JONATHAN BERMAN - JonathanBerman.net

Jonathan's book Success in Africa: CEO Insights from a Continent on the Rise” is out tomorrow



Jonathan Berman is currently a senior fellow at Columbia University's Vale Center and senior advisor to Dalberg, a strategy firm focused on frontier markets with ten offices worldwide. He previously served as partner and director of Dalberg's corporate practice. He has advised numerous global Fortune 500 companies and investors on entry and operations in emerging and frontier markets, focusing on the political and economic dynamics that drive shareholder value.