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- Shutdown antics continue

- Obama/Boehner have competing press conferences

- Debt Ceiling: will we actually default?  Senate threatens nuclear option.


TODD STARNES - Radio.FoxNews.com/ToddStarnes

Shutdown Shenanigans


Todd Starnes is the host of FOX News & Commentary — heard daily on hundreds of radio stations.  He is a regular contributor to FOX & Friends and FoxNews.com. He also writes a weekly column for Human Events and TownHall.com.  Todd is the author of two books. “Dispatches From Bitter America”  and “They Popped My Hood and Found Gravy on the Dipstick.”

NICK ADAMS - NickAdamsInAmerica.com

International Perceptions of America



Nick Adams is an internationally renowned Australian speaker, lecturer, author and media commentator. He is best known for his work in the field of American exceptionalism, and is credited with a resurgence in the idea worldwide. He champions the idea that the American success, power and influence of today rest strongly with the traditional family and values of the nation yesterday. He has been at the forefront of the culture war, with his work featured across national media mediums in America. Adams has received several state awards, including honorary citizenship, in America. As a professional speaker, he has given major addresses in several countries. His work in the United States has seen him speak in more than twenty states, at conventions, corporate meetings, military bases, universities, high schools and churches.