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Brace yourself because I think there’s one aspect of Obamacare where the President is absolutely right: (SOT) The Republicans need to stop fighting among themselves about who dislikes Obamacare the most. Every single Republican in both the House and Senate voted against it. Every one. Not one Republican is on the hook for Obamacare. The Democrats own it--totally and completely. And if the Republicans in the House and Senate feel as I do that it really is a job-killing, economy-busting disaster that will increase costs, raise taxes, limit medical choices, and leave people in the lurches, then I want to suggest a way to fight it more effectively. All the Republicans in both the House and Senate voted to defund and or delay Obamacare, but they didn’t have the votes. So, my advice is simple: Give the Democrats Obamacare under these conditions: No delays for anyone. Not big business, not small business, not labor unions, not states, not members of Congress or their staffs. And no exemptions. None. Not one group gets an exemption from Obamacare. Especially not Congress or their staff. Make the Democrats eat their own cooking. If they think it’s good for our plates, then they need to put it on their plates too and take the first bite. Republicans can’t really defund Obamacare because the votes just aren’t there. So draft a bill that funds it, but which allows no exceptions for delays and no exemptions for anyone to avoid it. And add this provision based on the President’s proposal: write in the bill a sunset clause. The bill automatically expires and has to be reauthorized on January 15, 2015. If it’s as good as President Obama and Democrats say it is, they public will love it so much they will insist that it be reauthorized. If it’s as disastrous as Republicans, the general public, and I think it will be, then Republicans will win enough elections next year to gain control of the Senate with a likely super majority and add enough numbers in the House to override a Presidential veto. I sometimes see things through Biblical lessons so here’s the lesson. This is a Mt. Carmel moment. Remember that great moment from the book of I Kings, Chapter 18, when the prophet Elijah challenged 450 prophets of Baal to meet him on Mt. Carmel? Elijah didn’t try to delay or defund those false prophets. He told them they could take their best shot to call fire from heaven, and he would as well. There were 450 of them; just one of him. They tried for hours to call for fire to fall and they had no fire. Elijah, being a good sport, didn’t mind being outnumbered 450-1. He even ordered the wood around the altar to be drenched with water so any fire would have a hard time consuming his offering. He so believed he was following the right God that he put everything on the line—in public for the world to see. No middle of the night backroom deals—all out in the open. And when Elijah called, the fire fell and the sacrifice and the altar were consumed. My plan for the Republicans: Give the Democrats what they want for one year. Make it clear to the American public that it belongs to the Democrats. If it works like President Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary and Nancy Pelosi claim, then America will be better off and I will take to any platform or stage to apologize and acknowledge they were right and we were wrong. But if the people of America are as disgusted with it as I predict they will be, then Obamacare will end January 15, 2015 and Republicans will control both the House and Senate and be poised to elect a Republican President in 2016. Having convictions is one thing. Risking everything for them is political courage. We need that kind of confident courage in the Congress today. That’s how we stop Obamacare.
This weekend marks our show having been on Fox News for 5 years. Thanks to you being loyal viewers, our show has been the most watched weekend show in all of cable news—most weekends more people watch this show than all the other cable news shows combined during our time slot. As we get ready to start our 6th year, we thank you. And even if the government shuts down, we don’t plan to anytime soon. And speaking of a potential government shutdown, if Congress can’t agree on a budget by the end of the month, here’s a word of counsel to my fellow Republicans: Why would you rescue the Democrats from their determined self-destruction? The Democrats in Congress and President Obama own Obamacare. Completely and totally. Not one Republican in the House or Senate voted for it. They have repeatedly tried to repeal it and replace it, but are blocked by Harry the Hen Reid, who sits on legislation like a hen sits on an egg, except the hen wants to hatch eggs; Harry just makes sure the Senate continues to transition from the world’s greatest deliberative body to the world’s most dysfunctional body. I completely appreciate the efforts by many in the Senate and House to protect our nation from the disaster of Obamacare. It is already driving costs up, costing Americans their jobs and their health coverage, and as even the labor unions have realized all too late, is poised to essentially destroy a 40 hour work week and full-time employment. The plan to tie a defunding of Obamacare in the House to budget passage might sound bold and daring, but might only serve to give Democrats cover from having to defend their having hoisted this monstrosity on an American public who doesn’t want it and who will suffer because of it. If it were mathematically possible for the defunding plan to succeed, then damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. But here’s the math: passage in the House this week required almost every Republican House member to vote yes. In the Senate, however, that would require 60 votes. The Republicans have 46. They need 14 Democrats to come on board. Not likely, but even if they could get the 60 votes, they still don’t win. The bill would be most certainly vetoed by President Obama. It’s one of the few promises he’s made that he would actually keep. And if he vetoed the bill, then it would take 67 votes in the Senate to override that veto. Now, the Republicans would have to 21 Democrats in the Senate to join them and thumb their nose at their own party and President. It’s more likely that I will appear in Miley Cyrus’s next music video than for that to happen. On the other hand, as Obamacare grinds more Americans in to the dirt of joblessness and poverty, the Republicans have a clear and defining message to take into the 2014 elections where they could be in a strong position to take control of the Senate and prepare to reclaim the White House in 2016. One way to kill that is to change the subject from Obamacare’s impact to the effects of a government shutdown. It’s winning the immediate battle at the expense of the ultimate battle. If Republicans just want a fight, take on the President for wanting to borrow more money and plunge us deeper into debt. After all, in 2006, he said doing that was irresponsible and unpatriotic. If it was, then it still is; if he says it isn’t now, then ask him which time was he lying to us. It’s hard to start a fire and not smell like smoke. The President and the Democrats lit the match of Obamacare. Let them defend it. Why hand them a hose when they are determined to play with gasoline and burn their own house down? No need to burn ours down too.
As we close tonight, a reminder that some of our fellow Americans in Colorado have been ravaged by massive floods that have taken the lives of at least 7, left hundreds missing, and resulted in billions of damage to homes, businesses, roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, and land. Of the many types of natural disasters I dealt with as a Governor, floods are about the worst. The damage one sees in the worst of the flood doesn’t tell the full story as much of the ultimate damage of a flood won’t be fully known for months as electrical systems start to fail, foundations start to crumble, support structures weaken, and homes and businesses become uninhabitable due to mold. Let’s not our forget our friends and neighbors in Colorado with our prayers and our donations to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other charities.

Miley Cyrus Not Alone

Sep 16 2013