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  • Alberta Duncan

    03/07/2013 06:37 PM

    I am so very proud to be a Christian, mother, grandmother, and I am the buglar for the Highland County Veterans Honor Guard. We assist in funerals, parades, flag raisings, and military events.I never served in the military but feel I am now in small way. Just like you, I know that in a short time, I could fix the out-of-control spending. I have several ideas about welfare and foodstamps. They don't have to pay sales tax on food stamps. Why not? Let's give vouchers that include detergent, soap, shampoo, and not let them cover steak, pop, potato chips,candy, or red bull. It's "food" stamps. All in the home age 16 and above are drug tested. Do"surprise" home visits. No more pregnancies as long as you are on assistance and do not have a job.There is birth control.Congress takes an immediate paycut.No more than $100,000 a year. Taking a vacation? Pay for it yourself.Pay for your own car, secretary, cell phone, and gas.I'll bet the price would immediately come down to $1.00 a gallon. Obama needs to be impeached. He owes us , the taxpayers a lot of money cause his vacations have been so extravagaant. All proceeds from books, etc while in office belong to the public. Didn't you write it on our time and dime? Did I watch the state of union? No cause I'm tired of being lied to.These are just a few of my ideas. I love your show and tape it each week.You just make sense as do most of the "working" class. God bless you and yours,Govenor Mike. Thanks for listening.

  • David Martinez

    03/07/2013 02:22 PM

    We are having a discussion regarding calling someone who's nuts a nutjob rather than calling him a nut case. I submit that if using the term tea bagger is offensive, as a sex action, using nutjob is equally offensive. Thanks for your attention, love the radio show!

  • paul schilling

    03/07/2013 01:12 PM

    so we need a note from a doctor who works for obama who doesn't want us to have a gun, to get a gun. Thinking is not a crime.