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  • steven nix

    02/09/2013 08:33 PM

    Gov. huckabee, everything coming out about obama care is pointing to a government hell bent on taking as much wealth away from citizens with impossible to comply with regulation. this has nothing to do with affordable health care.God help us.

  • Jim Howl

    01/29/2013 09:38 AM

    Mike...your comment that the citizens need to be armed with as much force as their enemies (large mags) is the best answer for not banning AR15s that has been put out. It would stop the likes of Piers Morgan in his tracks. But you don't hear the gun advocates use that..they hem haw around and he buries them...even Gingrich! Please get your reasoning out there! It's the one and only one that really makes sense!

  • Mark A Lidolph

    01/28/2013 08:06 PM

    Both anti-american/anti-Isreal Obama and H.Cliton have Muslim Brotherhood aids and advisers on their staff.
    This is nuts.
    Why do the senate and congress not call them on the carpet for this?
    Facts and truth do not need to be politically correct.

  • Rich Packard

    01/28/2013 07:50 PM

    Thank you for your talk about your loyal hunting Black Lab. I just had to put my faithful hunting chocolate Lab (Sam) down because of cancer. I still hurt at times. I agree with you DC isn't going to the dogs, its going down. May God continue to use you.
    Rich Packard

  • charles bostedt sr

    01/28/2013 03:37 PM

    Will you please open the minds of the American people to gun use by the people that defend themselves. We need the media like you to report when a gun does help people all we here is the negative reports on gun. We need to hear every day about how the gun saved people being attached. Put it out nation wide every day fight the dem's with their one tools. Please. Charles Bostedt Gainesville GA.