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  • Daniel

    11/04/2013 01:20 AM

    I received this email from my state rep after calling to complain about abomacare:
    Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley
    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for contacting me to express your support for eliminating funding for the health care reform law, also called the Affordable Care Act. While we may disagree about the merits of this law, I value knowing your views on this important matter and I appreciate the opportunity to share my perspective.

    I support the Affordable Care Act because I believe that its component pieces are important improvements on a system that currently subjects almost all Oregonians to constantly increasing insurance prices, kicks many off their coverage when they need it most, and leaves hundreds of thousands of Oregonians without health insurance at all. This situation breaks the budgets of families, businesses, and governments at every level.

    The Affordable Care Act includes a series of policies to improve health insurance and health care for all Americans. Some provisions of the Affordable Care Act have already helped give Oregon families more and better affordable health care options and there will be more improvements in the coming months. For example, the law puts in place a new health care bill of rights that will guarantee everyone coverage even if they have a pre-existing health condition, will protect you from being kicked off your policy when you get sick or injured, makes it illegal to charge women higher rates than men, and eliminates arbitrary lifetime limits that cut off coverage when it is most needed. In addition, Medicare beneficiaries hurt by the "doughnut hole" gap in coverage receive new discounts for prescription drugs. Due to another part of the law, 43,000 Oregonians under 27 have gained access to health insurance through their parents' family plans and small businesses in Oregon have received subsidies to make it easier to offer health coverage to their employees.

    In addition, the Oregon Health Plan will enroll more low-income Oregonians, and the health insurance marketplace being set up by Cover Oregon will provide more insurance choices for any Oregonian who can't get a better deal through their employer. Health insurance plans being offered in the Cover Oregon marketplace have already come in at rates lower than expected and the number of uninsured Oregonians has dropped by 10 percent since October 1.

    The Affordable Care Act will not solve every problem in our health care system, but when it fully takes effect over the next few months I believe that we will see significant improvement over the status quo. As with any major piece of legislation, there will be problems that Congress will need to iron out over time, and I think we should join together to fix the law as necessary.

    This fall, I plan to sit down with my family to review our health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act, and I will enroll my family through the Cover Oregon marketplace. When you have time, I encourage you to look at the plans and informational tools available, at, and keep me informed about what's working and what needs improvement.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and giving me a chance to share my perspective. I hope you will continue to send your observations and thoughts my way.

    All my best,

    Jeffrey A. Merkley
    United States Senator

    As far as i can tell he is full of crap. no one is signing up and 150,000 people are losing their insurance.

    Daniel Simonson

  • Jeffrey Spies

    11/03/2013 08:52 PM

    I drive a truck over the road and enjoy your program
    What if : We implemented The Fair Tax.
    What if : We all received medicare. No premiums.
    What if : Mexico became a State. Immigration solved.
    What if; Welfare reform. Example no more than 2 years getting benefits in a 10 year span.
    Thank You Jeff Spies

  • Suellen Rampacek

    11/03/2013 09:24 AM

    Best show on TV. My sentiments exactly. Plus I love your smile. Suellen

  • Randy Stinnett

    11/02/2013 08:43 PM

    Why aren't Americans talking about Impeaching Obama ? We did it to Richard Nixon for less. The Tea Party already has a petition out and my whole family have signed it already....

  • Dave Redfern

    11/02/2013 08:18 AM

    love both shows. keep it up. I received face book post on implanted RFID chips required for all Federal employees and program participants in Hanna Wyoming. Google brings up many hits, but I have no way to check. would you please check and let us know? thanks.