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  • dick perry

    12/31/2012 12:58 PM

    what is happened to our country? it looks like the tax payers of this country never get the truth. our president has lied to us for the past 2 years, never intended to do what he said. he and the gov. of wash. state gave the big middle finger to GOD, and said , you dont know what people need but we do. the big banks are selling the same thing to many people, selling silver they dont have. the fed bank making millions every time they print money. the fed retirement costing billions and all paid by us, and then they want to change s.s. . i was never able to retire at 50 and get 80,000. per year.
    lets turn it all over to s.s. and every one live by the same rules. we are spending billions on other counties and they burn our flag. use the money to kill us. I could go on for hours and not say every thing, there is a lot of people think the same as I do and we are getting tired of it. wish you were running things. thank you so much