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  • Alan Barnard

    01/04/2013 02:43 PM

    I always enjoy your point of view and believe that you represent the core values of this nation. Just one comment regarding yesterdays Huckabee Report, you used the word "conservativism" at least three times rather than "conservatism." "Conservativism" is not a word to my knowledge, so I am curious why you used it? Please keep up the vigil and the good work. I personally don't know if there is a God or not, but if there is, you stand in good stead with Him I'm sure.

  • tommy tuggle

    01/03/2013 10:58 PM

    I am sure we all have heard the religous nuts rant about President Obama being the antichrist. I am sure we all know the antichrist comes as Christ to save the world and as the Bible tells us the whole world will whore after him. Now lets see, President Obama claims to be a christian but the presidential campaign he just took part in cast some doubt on that. It seems over half the people of the United States have whored after him even though he has done nothing for them. I am a little concerned about the part where he commandes lightning to come from the sky. this sounds a little like war. No I don't think he is antichrist but it is an example for us of things to come. It proves to us how easily people can be fooled. When the real antichrist appears he will be a lot more impressive than President Obama. WILL YOU RECOGNIZE HIM !!!!!!!!!!

  • jack stanton

    01/03/2013 08:07 PM

    We should have gone over the cliff. Following the failed policies of Hoover and FDR will give us the same results. A bankrupt America.

  • Jim myers

    01/03/2013 07:00 PM

    Have politicians come to a point where this nations continued existence as itthe was when they came to office takes a back seat to be admired or re-elected? Every generation they seem to get more corrupt and having a compliant media doesn't help.

  • Stanley Kober

    01/03/2013 06:22 PM

    I agree with the Wall Street Journal and Newt Gingrich...the Fiscal Cliff was manufactured (at least we didn't send it ovresease to be made) and it never was. The "Cliff" that we have is an "honesty cliff" or "ingegrity cliff" and we have gone over that one, BIG TIME!