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  • Denise Beam

    01/15/2013 12:08 PM

    A listener called our station and wanted us to report to you that she called Campbell Soup to complain about Jackie Chan. They returned her call to tell her they have ceased their relationship with Mr. Chan due to all the negative feedback they received.

  • Earl Nida

    01/15/2013 08:22 AM

    Two thing Gonvenor,
    One, has the Beghazi attacks been forgotten? Where are we at in the investigations there?
    Also, where are we at with getting the House to take a stand not to take a vote on the Debt ceiling without a Senate passed budget?
    Appreciate the show and your Christian principles.

  • Thomas Stumpff

    01/14/2013 09:14 PM

    Hi Mike!

    I listen to your radio broadcast on WHME ( South Bend). I'm not certain of the shows date, but thought I'd tell you this.

    As far as videos and Violent movies. Red Skelton said this: "they tell you it doesn't affect you, yet the same people sell you a product in 60 seconds or less".

    As for guns. I graduated high school in 1976. Growing up, we took our guns to school regularly so we could go hunting immediately after school. The teachers new it and commented on our nice shotgun or told us where we could get a great deal on a new Remington 870.

    They have gradually changed our society.

    Tom Stumpff

  • Michael O'Connor

    01/14/2013 04:51 PM

    Dear Mike,

    If everyone can have as many children as they want, who pays for them when the family can't.

    Again you want the freedom, but you don't offer a solution when things go awry.

    What happens when the thousands of inexperienced high school students hit the streets with their cars?

    What happens when the thousands of high school students enter the workplace?

    What happens when those same thousands of people are put out of work because of their own numbers?

    Who pays the unemployment for that.

    Who pays when the thousands who are now out of work turn to crime ti fill their needs?

    We do.

    What is the matter with you?

  • Ron Neblett

    01/14/2013 04:41 PM


    Listening to your show today, I felt compelled to write. First, let me say that I am a Republican, but very moderate. I think a compromise can be reached in the Background Check matter. The background check can be tied to your Driver's License or State Issued ID. That way, when you purchase ammuntion or firearms, the retailer only has to put in your credentials. Now I have had background checks done on me when I was in the military, and when I had to move into public housing. I had to pay for the latter, and it took under five minutes at my local sheriff's office.

    I do not think that civilians should have access to assault weapons, or high capacity clips or magazines. I do own a handgun that holds a maximum of seven rounds (a full clip and one chambered). I also own a .22 semiautomatic hunting rifle that I have to load the rounds individually into, that holds ten rounds. In response to your view that I may need more rounds than that to protect my home, I say that most home invaders will rethink their position when one of their comrades fall. I am reminded of a Kenny Rogers movie in which he has a two shot Derringer and faces four men, asking which ones were willing to be shot so the others could continue.

    In the hands of a trained shooter, ten rounds is more than enough to accomplish your hunting or protection. Should you need more rounds than that, the extra twenty will most likely not help you, either.

    In closing, I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in the right to bear arms. I do believe in limits to what civilians need to hunt or protect themselves, and I don't believe the speed capabilities of my car have anything to do with it.

    Thank you for your show and your service,

    Ron Neblett
    Clayton, GA