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    09/19/2013 04:55 PM

    Re: Defund Obama care
    I have a message I'd like to get to my fellow Republican voters and representatives of the house and Senate.
    NO GUTS!... NO GLORY!... NO MONEY!!!!
    If House and Senate Republicans don't stand united on defunding this monster then I encourage follow Republican party members to not renew their RNC membership.

  • Kathy Honn

    09/19/2013 03:12 PM

    I was listening to your show today in the car about people on food stamps. It really makes me mad!!! I saw I sighn on the storefront ay apizza palor, I asked the worker what it meant, he told me, he was totally disgusted, & so was I!! I have to pay for mine! where do these people get off thinking they deserve pizza!! people with food stamps should only get the basics. Milk beans, rice some vegies & fruits, no meats candy pizzas & whatever! Plus like your listeners were saying, they should work for it, Unless they are completely incapacitated. I know people that are very sick, in wheel chairs & such, that are working, then, again, I know people getting food stamps that are perfectly well! My so-called politicians are boxer & Feinstein. I feel it would do no good to complain yto those idiots. Who do I complain to that it will make a difference? I really am mad about all the free housing, food stamps & all other free stuff being given out to people who don't deserve it! Please let me know what to do, & I will follow up!
    thanks for being our voice out there!

  • Arvella Miller

    09/19/2013 02:29 PM

    Regarding Food Stamps, only certain things should be authorized under food stamps such as rice & beans & burger & milk & basics, etc.. When FSA allowed aspirin to be qualified as an FSA item, then it will be just as easy to flag Food Stamp items & exclude lobster, etc. Sure I would not like to eat beans & rice every day, but that would give someone incentive to hopefully earn more money. If they earn more money & are still poor, offset their food stamp allowance with at least the difference and perhaps give them a little bonus for trying - skin in the game. On the same lines, unemployment payments. I hear constantly about people turning down a job because they can make more on unemployment!! How about give them the difference and perhaps a little bonus for showing initiative???!!! When bad behavior is rewarded, you get more of it. When you reward noble behavior, you get more of it. Which behavior do people (including DC politicians - they seem to want dependency) truly want???!!!