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  • Tala Sandness

    11/29/2012 10:20 AM

    I didn't get to finish hearing the discussion over female serving in combat. I really wanted to call in but wasn't able to. So I thought I would leave in input on here. I feel very strong that combat is not a place for a female officer. And here's why. I have been in law enforcement for 10 years. And served on a SWAT team for part of that time. I had to pass the same physical requirements as men. We all worked together great! However, I was able to go home every night to my family. When a unit is deployed they live together and share some much. biggest issue with women serving next to men in combat is the distraction they would have on men. I think it would change the goal of their mission.

  • boris gelfand

    11/28/2012 10:36 PM

    Obama hits the campaign trail after election not to sell his tax-hike proposal. That makes no sense.

    If he would want to avoid a fiscal cliff he would be seriously negotiating with House Republicans.

    And no he is not trying to put pressure on Boehner either

    He goes to "Masses" to prepare the ground for blaming GOP for the upcoming events.Same

    thing Hitler did to achieve dictatorship in Germany after he become democratically elected Chancellor .

    In order to understand what will happen in next month or so we should analyze certain facts.

    1. Soros Fund Management, the hedge fund founded by billionaire investor George Soros, has officially

    closed its doors to outside investors, according to a letter to clients Tuesday.July 26th, 2011 . The letter

    continues"Going forward, however, our investment advisory services will only be available to Soros family

    accounts and related entities." In a simple English it means that nobody can actually have a correct information

    no longer about Soros assets and related entities investments or scale of those investments. Nobody knows who are

    those related entities either.

    2.In the 2012 election, Soros has been very, very quiet at the time when Democrats arguably need him most.He only contributed 2 million after public outcry by left media

    Read more:

    3.On October 30th, Soros controlled VotersRising aired Michael Moore's ad -

    we will burn this motherfuc*er down

    4.Boehner, surprisingly to all , made Obamacare part of a fiscal cliff negotiations - a 100% roadblock to even start negotiations with White House.

    5.The seize fire between Israel and Hamas being achieved in record short time manner. We all know what Obama said to Bibi. But what possibly could Morsi tell to Hamas

    leaders to convince them to stop the rockets? Hamas is not Egypts "kid"- it belongs to Iran. Morci has a very little influence on Hamas. Still the seize fire accord was negotiated

    an signed in unbelievably short time frame.

    6. Morci issued decree granting him dictatorship powers. One of the most important part of his decree, which is greatly overlooked, is

    his ability to declare a war.

    7.Obama taking fiscal cliff issue to "Masses" - step that is impossible to explain if he wants a solution.

    8. Congress will not be able to make any decisions from Friday, Dec 21st till Wednesday, Dec 26th as it will be virtually impossible to bring them back in town

    even in case of a catastrophe.

    9. Any intelligence operative will confirm privately that assassination of Ambassador Stevens looks to much as a CIA covert op.

    What did he find out that they had to take him out in such a unprepared way using Ansar al Sharia cowboys that is controlled by CIA and

    not Al-Qaeda. What was Patreaus trying to find desperately during his trip to Benghazi. A document, transcript of interagation of one of

    the prisoners that according to his girlfriend was held inside CIA annex? Did Stevens accidentally discovered the secret nobody could know

    about or he was just a double agent that they decided to dispose off?

    Here is a scenario - Soros did not contribute to Obama this time around because he did not care who wins - his plan proceeds either way -

    remember - we will burn this motherfuc*er down. All the recent events indicates that as of Dec 20th there is not going to be a compromise on

    fiscal cliff.All the media on Dec 18th will start to go frenzy over stage of economy. Hamas and Hesbollah will attack Israel on Dec 18th.

    Egypt will declare a war on Israel on Dec 21st. Soros will bet all the Muslim and Russian controlled capital available to him through his now

    private fund against US stock markets on same day. With Europe in recession those events will be more then enough to BRING A DESTRUCTION TO


    Obama will DECLARE STATE OF EMERGENCY. He will blame everything on GOP and will ask people of United States through

    referendum to give him same powers that Morci gave himself in a way of decree.

    I am aware that there are plenty of conspiracy theories around George Soros. All I can say is Robert Maxwell - one of the richest man on earth

    was a Russian agent since 1946 as part of NKWD - then KGB covert op "Capital". Nobody disputes that fact.

    boris gelfand

    12:33 AM (21 hours ago)

    to batchelor, aaron, bcc: aaron

    Obama hits the campaign trail after election not to sell his tax-hike proposal. That makes no sense.

    If he would want to avoid a fiscal cliff he would be seriously negotiating with House Republicans.

    And no, he is not trying to put pressure on Boehner either

  • Andy Cotey

    11/28/2012 08:50 PM

    I served in the Marine Corps a little over 30 years ago. This topic was covered in conversations that I had with my fellow Marines. We felt that women in combat situations would compomise the safety of the unit due to the "protective feeling" that we as men have for women. The concern was that decisions have to be made on the battlefield and women would cloud our judgement. Maybe no longer, but I doubt it!

  • William Hull

    11/28/2012 06:50 PM

    I have no doubt that women will be allowed into what are considered combat units.
    If so then they should be required to meet the same physical standerds as men.
    But in the politically correct world we live in, if not enough people can reach the bar then you lower the bar.

  • Betty Lou Stephenson

    11/28/2012 06:22 PM

    While there are many capable women in the milatary. I agree that they cannot carry a wounded soldier very far. I would never want to be in combat myself, however, I do agree if they are on the ground in Iran, Afgan, or any of those countries they should get the same pay, and same recognition. For myself, I do not think that I could go through some of the battle actions as many of our men have had to go through. My husband was a Maj. in the Army, he had to think clearly and quickly, and I have to ponder things to make a decision. (I don't feel women are equipted to do everything a man can.)