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  • Robert B Davis

    04/05/2013 08:39 PM

    Good Evening, I listen to your show out of Nashville TN. You stated there are no magazine capacities of 7, so why would NY use that number. 1911 a1 colt 45 ACP, the most enduring pistol design in America has 7 round mags from its inception. Extended mags are available, but not as standard equipment. Not a complaint, just looking at a possible reason for the number NY chose.
    respectfully, R Davis

  • Opal W. Stockwell

    04/04/2013 11:39 PM

    I have just received an e-mail about the amount of guns and ammunition being purchased by various branches of the government. WHY do they seem to think this is necessary. I used to shoot tin cans off a fence with my brothers, but I do not own a gun nor want one. However -- I fully support the 2nd amendment and hope that good guys with guns are around when we need them -- maybe even against the government???

  • Gary Clagett

    04/04/2013 11:35 PM

    I am a long term resident of Colorado. ( 53 years ) After hearing the congress woman from Denver (Diane Degette ) claim that ammo magazines would be " all used up" as if these magazines were a one time use item, I could hardly believe it !! The vast , vast majority of us Colorado
    folks are appalled by the representatives in our legislature. We can't understand for the life of us how these folks got elected!!! Many of these representatives campaign on a neutral position on gun control only to turn anti-gun after getting into office. We have been duped!!We are disgusted with this Colorado legislature.

    Thanks for playing the sound bite of Diane Degette on your radio program on Thurday 4/4, so the nation can hear what a fool this lady is. I'm so embarrased to call myself a native of Colorado.

    I am a huge fan of you, your ideals, your common sense logic and the eloquent manner in which you speak to your audience.

    In my opinion you are at the top of your peers.
    Please keep up the great radio show and the sincerety in which you speak to us.You are awesome!

    Your daily fan,
    Gary Clagett
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    avid outdoorsman, hunter,
    and working man.

  • Steve Peterman

    04/04/2013 04:41 PM

    Quinnipiac university conducted the poll. The poll indicates 91% of people polled support more gun control. It didn't indicate that the 91% supported the Obama plan...
    The poll was conducted in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and the nation as a public service and for research.

    78% polled are democrats.