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  • Richard Kuhlman

    12/03/2012 12:14 PM

    I haven't been to a movie theatre since 1995, as a protest against Hollywood's support for the Democrats. I've tried to advocate for this but I don't have the media access like you have. If, only half of loyal Republicans nationwide would boycott hollywood and quit going to movie theaters, I'm very sure those hollywood Democrats would feel the pain. Please help us Republicans with this.

  • Diana ayers

    12/03/2012 03:20 AM

    My husband is military medically disabled and retired after 23years of service in Navy Seals/special forces. He is disabled and covered under the veterans administration. I am his wife and also disabled. My point is, last October I got a letter from the CHAMP VA (my medical insurance under my husband) and they cut me off of my insurance, no warning, nothing, I am disabled and cannot go to the doctor now cause it is too expensive and so are my medications, why did they do this????? They said that if I was working, that they would not have cut it off, but because I am not working and disabled, they are cutting me off. Is this not Hippocrates? This doesn't sound right or fair to a disabled person. Help me please!!!!!!! I need my medications!!!!
    Diana Ayers

  • Dwayne Hull

    12/02/2012 08:22 PM


    I filled out your survey. A couple of things: When I'm asked for my race I cringe. Progressives use race among other things to divide us. I don't play that game.

    Secondly: The Republican party has one or two elections left before it is officially extinct. The reason: we keep coming up with candidates that are not comfortable in their own skin. If they don't powerfully represent an alternative to Progressives what good are they? Mitt is a great guy, but he looked like he was ashamed to be successful. I admire him but I understand why people saw him as no different than any other politician, even Obama.

  • Jim Myers

    12/02/2012 07:20 PM

    I catch snippets of your show when I drive home from work. The book Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlet, caught my attention. More than six years ago I began writing weekly letters to a grandchild that was not yet born. After her birth--and the birth of three other grandchildren--my Sunday evening ritual is to write letters. I close them all the same way, "Remember, Claire, William, Grant,or Sarah, you have been prayed for today." "Sincerly Grandfather."

    These letters may never be published but it is a grandfather's prayer that they will be cherished.

    Remember, Govenor, you have been prayed for today.


    Jim Myers

  • Frances Asheim

    12/02/2012 12:15 PM

    Loved Dana!! She did an outstanding job Sat. night!!
    But we missed you!!