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  • sally towers

    11/26/2013 07:22 PM

    Obama walked in the white house now we need to walk him out!! I can't stand a man who lies so much to the american people. He sends too much of our money over seas when we could use it here to strengthen our country & make it a better place to live..Also its STUPID to fine people who can't afford Obama health will they pay a fine when they can't afford health insurance? Is this just another ploy to get american 's money to pay for their raises from the 'fine money?"? Government needs to eliminate their health care program and take the same one as we do...I can hardly wait for this president to get out of office...better sooner than later.. We should've had you Mike HUckabee as president --someone who is honest & will do well with us ...Sorry you changed your mind. I pray the next president will change our country for the better... Obama is like a dictator...& wants his own way & has a temper. ...wants to change our constitution...heard its his way or the highway>>>>

  • Don Williams

    11/25/2013 02:25 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    I have done considerable reading on the Mideast and Islam, and find it hard to believe Mr. Obama has put together any kind of deal with Tehran.
    Considering the fact that the administration has lied about every issue they have been involved in, how can the American public, our allies, even our enemies, be expected to supportor trust an agreement between 2 known liars......the Obama administration and the mullahs in Iran?