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  • a j hobart

    04/16/2013 08:28 PM

    Did you really just say that maybe the boston bomber was a disgruntled tea partyer? Really?? How could you even put that out there!! So dissappointed in you!

  • C N

    04/14/2013 09:08 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee Remember many moons ago when Congress impeached President Nixon for the Watergate Scandal? Obama makes Nixon look like a saint in comparison. I wonder if that was as bad as what Obama is doing with the American people today? Think about it, if you hired someone to do a job and that employee did everything to mess up your company would you keep him on the payroll or fire him?
    Congress had no qualms in firing Nixon over an infraction that he just got caught doing. My second question is You along with many other patriots in this Country who sound off about what the President is doing to suit his needs why do we continue to allow it? There are 2 kinds of people in this world those who make things happen and those who let things happen so which group has more say so? We fret over socialism that the President seems to advocate and is in the process of bankrupting America and many people in the media complain but do nothing to stop it. If it is stated a house divided against itself cannot stand why is this nation seem so divided about what to do to fix this country to suit the American people not the politicians. 30 years ago we thought it to be terrible living conditions that other socialist and communist countries lived under. Those countries used to be quite envious of our freedoms and liberties we took for granted. Now, I'm sure they are silently laughing at us because we are becoming exactly like a 3rd world nation that we would try to correct the errors of their ways and criticize. The more the media complains the more the Administration is working diligently making changes the people obviously do not like and yet we still are foolish enough to vote him in for another 4 years. I can't imagine if given him 3 more months let along 3 more years of this. It took 236 years for this country to get as powerful and great as it is and has been. Yet, in 4 years and 5 months it is rapidly being dismantled. So, what circumstance must happen when America and its rightful citizens to be here realize they are being controlled by a dictator? Not a person we voted to handle executive powers that Congress is allowing him to have. That is why we have checks and balances to see to it that no one branch has greater power over the other. Remember Hitler did the same thing to Germany and look at the result. Is that the America we want? Our complacency will be our undoing. One day instead of raising our hands up to worship our God it will be in surrender as the seniors will be placed in camps to be done away with because they cost too much to keep alive. The ones who will point the guns at us will be their grandchildren. Is this the America we want to defend? When are we going to kick out these people in Washington along with the special interest groups and unions who seem to be making policy as they go along from day to day while we pay for it? I think 20 trillion in debt is enough spending and it's 17 trillion more than the stars in our known galaxy.
    Obama's ego is writing checks this country can't afford.

  • Christopher Roney

    04/14/2013 08:51 PM

    Why has there been no movement to impeach Obama for his lieing,coverups,etc?

  • Mary burns

    04/14/2013 08:42 PM

    I love seeing Carol Burnett. I was so happy to hear what she said. About shows these days, I agree! I have not and will not watch any sit. Com. Or reality show. I feel just like her, a bunch of 8th graders.
    Her show was so funny and most sit coms were then too. Really love her, and you.

  • Patty Peery

    04/14/2013 08:23 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I've asked this question over and over, now I'm hoping to get a decent answer from you.

    With all he "crimes"committed by the person in the White House...why is he still there?

    I'm tired of only getting "talk talk" from my representatives and those supposedly "in the know" about this "Constitutional Destroyer" we are allowing to destroy this fantastic United States of America.

    Who is going to be tough enough to stop the talk and walk the walk to eliminate this whole administration and leader of.....the U.S.government??

    Most sincerely,