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  • james allan whitt

    02/18/2013 12:50 AM

    dear mike
    i read all the books and researched all the history.
    what i don't understand why no one has exposed obama true motives. anticolonist and he see's america that way and plans to do it!
    his first act was sending winson churchhills bust back

  • Robby Banning

    02/17/2013 08:56 PM

    Regarding Mr. Dorner, his actions, specifically killing innocent people, are deplorable. However, I predict that if the Liberals and other such morons continue to trample our Second Amendment rights, there will be hundreds and even thousands of Chris Dorners popping up everywhere. I've heard from more than one of my gun owner friends that they believe there is a civil war coming and it will be down party lines. As for me and my house, I'm prepared!

  • Fredie McKinney

    02/17/2013 08:46 PM

    Hello I watch your show every day and record when I will miss one.
    I feel the public should be informed every day the waste the pres. spends every time he leaves the white house.

    you should expose the entire money it costs us tax payers as he plays around the country and around the world. Give a day by day.. total weekly, monthly. and yearly since he took office..

    then explain that all the money he and his wife spent could have paid for this program or that one.

    you should call him out every time you speak to the public....

    I am a disabled veteran unemployable and have to now file for bankruptcy.
    for trying to help my 6 kids survive.
    You, Rush. And Hanity should expose his waste every day......

    thanks for your time.....

  • Dick Jonas

    02/17/2013 08:41 PM

    I want to share with you a letter I sent to Sen Lindsey Graham yesterday.
    16 Feb 2013

    Senator Graham —
    I live in Arizona so I'm not in your constituency. However, I want to commend your courage on the Benghazi issue.
    It is deeply disturbing to me to realize that the President and the Secretary of State are either grossly incompetent or they have sacrificed four American lives to their own political ambitions. Their failure to prepare for the Benghazi tragedy in my view borders on ' . . . high crimes . . . ' Their failure to send military help when the shooting started goes far beyond unconscionable.
    President Obama told the truth on the debate platform with Romney. When Benghazi came up, he said, " . . . I am responsible. I am the president . . . "
    That is true. He is responsible. He had the means and the authority as commander-in-chief to send military forces to the rescue. And he did not do that.
    The command given was to "stand down." Either he gave the command or someone downstream in his chain of command gave it. That command was the death sentence for Ambassador Stevens and the other three people who died with him that night.
    Why did Obama do that? Could be one of two things. Either he was ignorant of how U. S. military force works at his command, or he was willing to sacrifice four American lives to his own political ambitions.
    The Chicago mob came home to roost.
    If something or someone gets in the way of the mob's aims and goals, destroy or kill. That pretty much makes Obama a murderer, and Hillary Clinton an accessory. He and she could have saved those men and they did not.
    Criminal negligence.
    The president and the Secretary of State are equally culpable. Ignorance, which it was not in this circumstance, in no way exonerates either of them.
    Stand your ground, Senator Graham. Find your allies in the Senate, in the House, and in the American citizenry. Obama is doing his dead level best to destroy the Republican Party. He wants a one-party system in this country, like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. And he wants it to be the Democratic Party.
    I am a registered Independent and I am adamantly opposed to any one-party system. People like you, Senator Cruz from Texas, and others like you must continue to stand up on your hind legs and let America know that the Obama administration and the Democratic Party are not, nor will ever be, the only political choice Americans have.
    Thank you for listening, and good luck.

    Dick Jonas
    Chino Vallley, Arizona

  • Ron Harkins, CPA

    02/16/2013 06:59 PM

    Dear Mike, I listen to all the conservative radio/TV personalities. Rush has become just a sarcastic exaggerator. No real info from him. On the other hand you always impart wisdom. And your Godliness shines through. And I love the fact that you jammed with Ted Nugent. Keep up the good work! Best regards,

    Ron Harkins, CPA