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  • Mike, Los Angeles

    05/27/2013 06:10 PM

    Re: The BSA,PSU, "Hoosiers", Scouting in Japan

    JD, nice work this past week. The gov really had the right man in place for the job.

    Regarding the BSA matter,
    our nation just suffered through a terrible PSU scandal, we heard all sorts of scandal talk this past week on this show, and now the BSA leaders push this?

    The BSA is a community of citizens, parents,children. While patriotic,it is suppose to be non-political and non-belligerent. Before this becomes a lawsuit, folks should reason.

    1. Vote Again

    In the movie "Hoosiers" a former successful college coach gets voted out by a "town hall"meeting by a leader who wants his job. Some new information arises that allow some courageous people to speak out. And with a call for another vote, the new coach kept his job.

    2. Scouting in Japan

    Here is a part of the scouting aim in Japan (note: no mention of sex).

    "Scouting in Japan provides fun-filled, challenging programmes, with an emphasis on developing each youth member's character, health, abilities and sense of service to others. It is non-political, voluntary movement, open to all regardless of origin, race, gender or creed. Those who have physical or mental difficulties are also welcomed, to achieve the ideal of scouting for all.
    3.JPGWe are proud that Founder Robert Baden-Powell's world-wide spirit of scouting blended with the Japanese traditions and spirit is now blossoming out and moving on to meet the changing needs of society and young people."

  • L. Wentworth

    05/25/2013 09:06 PM

    LOVE you and your show. Regarding the VA medical care for Vets on show 5-25-13 and the costs.....has anyone addressed what we spend on Illegal Mexicans... all we give them (food, medical care, etc.) versus what we give our Vets?
    Obama is ruining our country.
    We are doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randall Kennedy

    05/24/2013 07:38 PM

    Hello, I have never been a boy scout, though I see the recent action taken by that organization's leaders to be a negative thing. In that, I am not saying this in taking either side, but to communicate a possible intent that I have not yet heard anyone present as a possibility. No need to worry, as I have not found another sex, nor have I found any alternative to call homosexuality; not even do I intend to encourage or direct anyone to remain committed to celibacy for life.
    But is what I'm presenting is, just as any child who attends public school is not accompanied by their parents on/in/during their walks to school, the bus stop, or whatever or wherever, through their high school years, the boy scouts asociation or organization has been around longer than, and is more mature and developed and responsible than the cub scouts, and there comes a point where the scout leaders have to let go of their control or hierarchy, and let the scout members grow up and develop into adults that will make their decisions on their own. Girl scouts have already been deceived by the lure of satanic carnal nature and the sorts; so now that the adults who have voted to allow homosexuals into boy scouts have given the opportunity to those children or youth in boy scouts to lead the boy scouts, as well as the girl scouts back into the correct path of development and growth. It is just as how Eve was the first to eat the apple, now the boy scouts will have to decide as to whether they will fall into the same trap, or lead the other and future boy scouts into the correct, heterosexual lifestyle, preparing them to start and raise families in the right ways and in the right beliefs, just as Jesus brought redemption to the lost world. The scout leaders can't hold the hands of the scouts all their lives, or even past the preschool age, either in the legal stautes, or in the proper individual development of the scouts; so now, it could be said that ball is in the scout's court, and the choices are now to be made by those who are active (not grandfathered) members of the boy scouts, as to what will be done with the association or organization. Too much controversy about politics and religion is blinding those scouts from seeing that they now have the responsibility to change the scouts association from within, rather than their fathers, grandfathers, or troop leaders changing it from the outside leadership roles. You, a popular public speaker, now have the responsibility to remind the boy scouts that they have the power to change the association they have been in, are in, or want to be in.

  • Gary Alcorn

    05/24/2013 01:14 AM

    I am Christian and was an Eagle Scout many years back. Today is one of the saddest days of my life to hear the decision of BSA.
    We admire your insightful commentary and hope that you will weigh in on this subject.
    God save America