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  • Warren Pegram

    02/09/2013 11:42 PM

    Re:ObamaCare cost.
    As an engineer having to pursue various projects I always found doing the simple math saved a lot of unsuccess work if it didn't show success potential. Likewis ObamaCare. Hence:


    avg tax paid by
    wage earner in
    Wage brackets bracket PER MO.

    Under $5,000 22
    $5,000 under $10,000 39
    $10,000 under $15,000 56
    $15,000 under $20,000 78
    $20,000 under $25,000 90
    $25,000 under $30,000 157
    $30,000 under $35,000 232
    $35,000 under $40,000 296
    $40,000 under $45,000 371
    $45,000 under $50,000 423
    $50,000 under $55,000 614
    $55,000 under $60,000 854
    $60,000 under $75,000 1,073
    $75,000 under $100,000 1,463
    $100,000 under $200,000 2,264
    $200,000 under $500,000 4,278
    $500,000 under $1,000,000 8,641
    $1,000,000 under $1,500,000 13,297
    $1,500,000 under $2,000,000 18,016
    $2,000,000 under $5,000,000 28,798
    $5,000,000 under $10,000,000 61,068
    $10,000,000 or more 173,959

    For the full report (and on balancing the budget or paying for the national debt) give me an email address that shows we're off the cliff in free fall.

  • Jason Gray

    02/08/2013 04:29 PM

    Just FYI, as a general rule, teachers are told by thier bosses to never recommend that students recieve medication. If a teacher recommends that a student recieve medication then the school system is required to provide that medication.


    02/08/2013 02:11 PM

    Mike see my article
    God gave the Presidency to Rick Perry so what happened?

    it pertains to the primary debate you had at fox and issues that God wanted addressed in the race - exposing the atheistic mental health system and their genocide thru the drugs and fluoridaed water.


    02/08/2013 06:20 AM

    MIke I want to talk on your show today if possible. Read my homepage of my website
    I am a Jewish Christian musician/writer/teacher who was made a witness by God of the atheistic mental health system and its genocide by drugs which are deadly, by design. Are you aware of the fact that ALL CHRISTIANS would be called schizophrenic by atheistic psychiatry just for saying God talks to them? THey think it is an auditory hallucination. 95% of drs are atheists, and most are also theological ignoramuses - they dont know that it is normal christian theology to 'hear voices' - Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice" John 10:27, and demons also can talk to us in our thoughts if given an openings. Those openings include all drugs which affect the mind, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych meds. The psych meds CAUSE mental illness, suicide, homicide. All the mass shooters were ON them. These shootings are all socially engineered to take away gun rights and screen everyone for mental health issues to drug the whole population. The nazis killed mental patients with psych drugs in the t4 euthenasia program; this genocide has continued worldwide since using mental health as a cover. And fluoridated water, also used by the nazis to make prisoners docile, is mass drugging of the population for mind control and genocide it causes adhd, canc-, brain damage. NYC has it; 65% of the US & UK have it. Sodium fluoride which they use is the ingredient in rat poison. It is also sneakily in most bottled water, sodas, juices, many foods including mcD's fries. antidotes include vitamin C & apple pectin.
    The nazi genocide of mental patients was a sneak genocide of christians, who they falsely called schizo using atheistic psychiatry. The jewish drs were useful idiots to the devil worshipping nazis and social engineers who funded them, who run mental health, i their theological ignorance; they called christians and jews schizo for 'hearing voices'. A related issue is the mind control music being played in stores and restaurants everywhere; the music business is run by illuminati (devil worshppers) who pray demons onto the masters of all the records, according to John Todd, an illuminati bloodline member who got saved in the 70s and testified in the video Demons behind the music business-John Todd. He says David Crosby told him one had to be a witch to get a record deal and to advance as a witch one has to be biseuxal. The music business indoctrinting the youth into homosexuality and bisexuality They spew spirits of homosexuality thru the music. I have written many books which are all free, and articles, on my website. see book What kind of musician are you going to be -God's call to musicians. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors and healers. see articles;
    SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a Serious Mental Disorder (it is a nonsense label by atheistic psychiatry used to falsely call Christians mentally ill);
    Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) and caused Hurricane Sandy (for supporting gay marriage);
    Free book Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry which exposes atheistic psychiatry & their genocide and tells how to heal mental and physical illness thru prayer.

  • Dave Williamson

    02/07/2013 03:19 PM

    I so appreciate your show!

    Can you provide documentation that I can post regarding what you mentioned about the Obamacare exception, allowing employers to pay $2100 per employee to get out of paying for their insurance. This is info that must get out! Please get back to me at Thanks!