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  • Kathy Fewell

    01/03/2013 12:12 PM

    I'm sorry, this has nothing to do with the show, but I don't know how to contact you.
    I just watched, on Fox, the prayer and Pledge, in the house. During the pledge, a blacked haired woman, in a mustard colored jacket, turned and walked off the floor. I'd like to know, who and why. I'm so tired of people being disrespectful to God and our flag.

  • r hamilton

    01/02/2013 06:06 PM

    I wish I could print money. Spend without paying back. Congress got a raise. It sure as heck wasn't based upon performance.

  • Charles Oxford

    01/02/2013 05:45 PM

    My main concern is not the physical-cliff deal but the fact that no one actually has representation or say in DC due to the arrogance and lack of concern for the Citizens by Barack Obama and Harry Reid. I have great concern that debt will just keep increasing and O's dislike for this country and its capitalistic society will destroy America as we know it and what the Founding Fathers fought and some died for. It is in the worst shape it has been in during my lifetime. Something has to change before it is to late.

  • Blake cozzens

    01/02/2013 05:39 PM

    $41 dollars in tax hikes for every $1 dollar in spending cuts, how is that a deal? I think a drunk monkey could have negotiated a better deal. At the very least going over the "cliff" would have been a far better "deal".

  • Dee Hamby

    01/02/2013 05:36 PM

    Obama divided Congress and Senate , then CONQUERED BOTH. He is probably very proud, I am not. This Country and its People DESERVE BETTER! We need a LEADER WE CAN RESPECT!